Drop-Off and Pick-up Guidelines

  • Birch Creek Elementary

    Student Drop-off and Pick-up Guidelines


    Students’ safety is a primary concern of the school, parents and the children.

    Please follow the procedures below to help us keep everyone safe.

    Morning Drop-Off

    1. Upon entering school property along the white fence, please stay in a single file line. Wait patiently single file and do not pass other vehicles or block the buses.  (Cars may be coming in to walk students into their class or drop things off at the office.)  Staying in a single file line the entire time will help ensure safety of not only our students but the drivers of all vehicles.
    2. Please pull all the way forward along the yellow curb.
    3. Drivers PLEASE remain in your vehicle as students exit.
    4. Stay behind the driver in front of you (even after your child has exited your car), still in a single file line, to exit the drop-off zone.
    5. Please follow the crossing guard’s instructions and remember that pedestrians have the right-of-way.
    6. Please turn right out of the school property. This helps alleviate so much congestion on our narrow street.

    A.M. Kindergarten Pick-Up/P.M. Drop-Off

    1. Please follow the same rules as listed above except the “loading” zone starts at the white sign that is indicated as “AM Kindergarten Pick-Up Starts Here”.

    Afternoon Pick-Up

    1. Please follow the same procedure as listed above.
    2. However, once your child has safely entered your vehicle; you may go around the cars in head of you to exit the school property.

    **In order to keep all children safe, please remember to be attentive at all times.  Distractions such as cell phones should not be used so drivers will be able to watch for students as well as teacher signals. **


    Birch Creek’s School Community Council November 2019