Secondary Performing Arts
  • "The world is a complicated place, and there's a lot of division between people. The performing arts tend to unify people in a way nothing else does." --David Rubenstein, American financier and philanthropist

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Secondary Dance

  • Secondary students may choose to participate in social dance classes and/or clubs at the high school level. These classes provide physical health benefits, release stress, and give opportunities for social interactions that help students gain confidence, develop positive friendships, and enjoy learning many different styles of dance.

Secondary Theatre

  • Middle School
    Middle School students may have the opportunity to participate in theatrical productions at their school sites outside of regular school hours if the activity is approved by the site principal.

    High School
    High School students may opt to take theatre classes to fulfill arts credit requirements for graduation. Theatre classes may include such things as the study of basic acting skills, improvisation, movement, character development, rehearsal techniques, stage make-up, scriptwriting, play critiquing, directing, and working with costume and set design and construction, light and sound, and other backstage aspects of play production. Students may also audition to participate in school musicals and other theatrical productions. There may also be opportunities to participate in the state-sponsored theatre convention and local and state-wide drama festivals and competitions.

Secondary Music

  • Middle School
    Middle school students may choose to participate in band, choir or orchestra in 7th grade and 8th grade. They also have the option of studying guitar in 8th grade. Students who were not able to participate in orchestra during their elementary school years may take beginning orchestra in 7th grade.

    High School
    High school music programs are outstanding and provide excellent growth experiences for students who want to increase their musical skills and knowledge. Students may participate in band, choir, and orchestra classes and ensembles at all of our high schools and guitar classes and ensembles at Mountain Crest and Ridgeline High Schools. They may also receive college credit by taking Music 1010. Students have opportunities to participate in performance and competitive experiences that stretch them and provide venues for them to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities.