AM STEM (Automated Manufacturing and Robotics)

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    AM STEM is a class (available to sophomores - seniors) in which you can complete courses toward earning a 900 hour certificate in Automation Manufacturing and Robotics from Bridgerland Technical College (BTech). This class is offered at Ridgeline and all of the high schools in Cache, Logan, Box Elder and Rich school districts. Mr. Petersen facilitates this class at Ridgeline by helping with any questions and lab work. Several teachers at Bridgerland are connected with all of the schools by way of closed circuit video and audio into the classroom to direct the course and are available to help as needed. This class is free as long as the student is in high school or can carry the earned credit to BTech after high school to complete the certification.

    In this class, students take the following courses: Progression Chart

    Automation Technician Basics
    Basic Workplace Safety
    Basic Electrical Theory
    Motor Controls
    Microcontrollers 1
    PLC 1
    Intro to Robotics
    3D Modeling

    OPTIONAL TRACK - Electronics Engineering
    DC Fundamentals
    Digital Fundamentals
    AC Fundamentals
    Microcontrollers 2
    Basic Drone Technology and Piloting

    After earning the 900 hour certificate, students are well prepared to obtain valuable work or continue on to college with a good basic understanding of automated manufacturing. Students going onto college will often work in well-paying jobs while they attend college or even get paid schooling by their employer. We have very strong partnerships with local business in manufacturing. Students can earn Industry Certifications in AM STEM including CSWA (Certified SolidWorks Associate), and CSWP (Certified SolidWorks Professional).

    1-Talk to the counseling office to get the class added to your schedule.
    2-If you are new to the class this year, see Mr. Petersen between August 22 and August 24 for instructions on how to register online with Bridgerland so you are ready to start when you come to class on August 27th.
    3-You can join most anytime. Talk to Mr. Petersen

    Class will start on Monday, August 27 for the 2018-19 school year in room 141 at 7:00 a.m. Monday-Friday. The broadcast starts at 6:50 and you are encouraged to be here and start working by then. You will be marked tardy after 7:00. Talk to Mr. Petersen if you are wanting to do this course but have other conflicts!