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  • The gifted/talented program provides extensions to the language arts curriculum that are more in depth and rigorous than basic curriculum.  It is therefore called the “Student Enrichment Model” or SEM.  This enrichment program is taught to a small group of students who are selected based on data from state assessments and other information gathered at the school level.  The selection process for SEM participants occurs each year.  The curriculum used in SEM gives students the opportunity to stretch their thinking beyond what is normally required in the regular classroom. 

    As part of the program students will: 1) meet with a SEM specialist weekly in a small group throughout the school year, 2) participate in activities offered through the program, and 3) complete all work required in both the regular classroom and in the SEM program. This program is offered for students in grades 4-6.


  • Tiffany Wiese
    Student Enrichment Model (SEM) Coordinator