• Music Varsity Letter

    It is an honor to receive a letter for your participation in the MCHS Music Program.  A letter signifies that you have gone “above and beyond” the letter requirements of the activity. 

    For that reason, there will be students who show incredible talent and do not receive a Letter.  A Letter shows that you have put in EXTRA time and effort.

    Rules Regarding Lettering in Music:

    1. You need a total of 100 points to earn a letter (or a bar).
    2. You may only earn one letter OR one bar in an academic year. Points start over each year.
    3. If you withdraw or are dismissed, from any music program at any time, you lose all points you have earned.
    4. The student is in charge of keeping track of points throughout the year. Please don’t wait until a week before the application is due to start the process.
    5. There is a $20 fee for ordering the MC letters (the certificate is free).  The bars will be $5 if you letter a 2nd or 3rd year.

    There are two parts to qualify for a Varsity Letter.  There is the Basic Requirements section and the Points Section. 

    Students must meet all of the requirements from the Basic Requirements in order to qualify for the Points section of the application. 

    Music Letter Applications can be found HERE.  All Lettering Point Confirmation Forms are due May 14th.

  • Demerits

    The Directors reserve the right to demerit a student's letter points of final grade. The student and parent will be notified via letter, email, call or text.

    Excessive Talking (5 points)

    Unexcused missed rehearsal (10 points)

    Tardiness (1 point for every 10 minutes)

    Missing Materials (music, instrument, etc) - (5 points/each time)

    Missed Performance (25 points - see basic requirements above)