School Supplies


  • 1 full size Backpack that will hold large picture books, labeled with student's name.

    SPILL-PROOF water bottle labeled with student's name.

    $40 Donation

1st Grade

  • *Full Size Backpack--labeled with your child's name on the inside
    *Water Bottle--spill proof and labeled with your child's name
    *Miss Porter's class ONLY--Pencil Box, size 8 in x 5 in (a pencil box is NOT needed for Mrs. Wood's class or Ms. Stanko's class)
    *$30 class donation
    *Choose one of the following:
              Clorox/Lysol Wipes
              Gallon Size Ziploc Bags
    Pencils, erasers, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, etc.will all be provided--please don't send these with your child.

2nd Grade

  • Choose one to donate:
          Chlorox wipes

          Box of tissues
          Hand Sanitizer for the class

          A water bottle labeled with child's name
          $30 class donation

    Mrs. Mecham's class only:
    Package of washable colored markers

    All other needed supplies will be provided.


3rd Grade

  • A Smile! This is most important!

    Small Point Highlighters
    Extra writing pencils (mechanical pencils if you would like to avoid the pencil sharpener)
    Pair of student scissors
    Glue Sticks
    Pencil box to put all of these items in :)
    A water bottle
    Personal hand sanitizer if wanted (a shared bottle will be provided in classroom)
    Box of tissues to donate to classroom if possible.
    Chlorox wipes
    Ziploc bags

    ***Paper, notebooks, crayons, erasers, rulers, red pens and other related items will be supplied.

4th Grade

  • A sturdy heavy weight folder
    2 red pens
    2 dry erase markers (black)
    A red, yellow, and green highlighter
    A sturdy pencil box or pouch (mid-sized 5"x8"x2")
    A strong backpack
    A set of earbuds
    A box of Kleenex
    *Clorox Wipes

5th Grade

6th Grade

  • 3 composition notebooks (not spiral bound)
    2 composition notebooks (graph pages - not spiral bound and not a binder. You can find these on Amazon, at Wal-mart, or at Smith’s.)
    Red pen
    3 folders
    crayons (24 count is a good size)
    5-color pack of skinny highlighters
    Jumbo glue sticks
    Pencils and a few pens
    Pencil box
    Water bottle
    Clorox Wipes

** Note:

  • If you have a problem getting any of the items listed for any reason, please contact your child's teacher to help you obtain the materials needed for class.