• This information comes from the uhsaa website: https://www.uhsaa.org/Publications/Handbook/ActivitiesSections/Music.pdf


    Region Solo & Ensemble Festivals

    1. Solo and ensemble participants may only attend the region solo and ensemble festival for his or

      her school of eligibility.

    2. Entrants shall use high quality, published music of recital nature grade III level or above.

    3. The current New York State Music Association Manual and/or the NAfME Selected Music Lists are

      recommended (could also search acceptable state repertoire lists on jwpepper.com).

    4. To accommodate the large number of participants, students should be limited to performing in a

      maximum of three solo and/or three ensemble events.

    5. To be considered a separate ensemble, at least 50 percent of the group shall be new members.

    6. A soloist shall not perform a selection he or she has used at any evaluative festival in any previous

      year. Each soloist must select music at least one grade more difficult if he or she received a superior rating the previous year. If more than one half of an ensemble is replaced by new members, it shall be considered a new ensemble in regard to repetition. The ruling on repetition applies to both soloists and ensembles.

    7. Performing Groups:

      1. All instrumental choirs (string, woodwind and brass) shall have a minimum of 8 members

        and shall not exceed 25. In all other types of instrumental ensembles there shall be no

        duplication of parts.

      2. Chamber choirs shall have a minimum of 16 members and shall not exceed 32.

      3. With the exception of chamber choirs, vocal ensembles shall be limited to four singers on

        a part.

      4. Chamber choirs are defined as mixed voices. All others may enter as vocal ensembles.

    8. Only instrumental and chamber choirs may be conducted.

    9. All string, woodwind, and brass ensembles must adhere to prescribed instrumentation listed on

      the conductor’s score.

    10. Soloists and small ensembles may perform only one selection or portion thereof not to exceed

      the “performance” times listed below. The time limits listed below include entrance, exit, set‐up, tuning and performing. At the end of the allotted performance time, the adjudicator may ask the ensemble or soloist to stop. No piano duets or concertos are to be accepted for adjudication at Regional or State Festivals. A performer will receive a NR for performing a concerto or duet. Music requiring accompaniment must have accompaniment or the performer(s) shall receive a NR.


    2017‐18 UHSAA HANDBOOK


    Soloists & Small Ensembles

    String Woodwind/Brass Vocal

    Playing Time

    7 minutes 7 minutes 5 minutes 10 minutes

    Group Size

    2‐7 members 2‐7 members See #6 above


    6 minutes 6 minutes 6 minutes 5 minutes 6 minutes

    11. Large ensembles and choirs may perform more than one selection but must stay within the following “time limits” which shall include: setup, tuning, performance time and exiting the performance area. When the time limit has expired, the monitor or adjudicator may signal the group to stop their performance.

    Large Ensembles & Choirs

    String Choirs
    Woodwind Choirs
    Brass Choirs
    Large Percussion Ensembles Chamber Choirs

    *Total Time Limit

    12 minutes 12 minutes 12 minutes 12 minutes 15 minutes

    Group Size

    8‐25 members 8‐25 members 8‐25 members

    16‐32 members