• Student Enrollment

    Welcome to the Student Enrollment page.  We are so excited to have your child attend our schools.

    There are three steps in the enrollment process and they are briefly described below:


    Step 1:  Verify the school your child should be enrolled in based on your residence address.

    Online students still register at their "home" school based on the address.

    Step 2:  Complete all required enrollment information. 

    This process includes several components and takes some time.  You will fill out a form to start the process and then set up your PowerSchool Parent account.  Then you will log in to PowerSchool and complete the enrollment process.  This is all described on the Step 2 page in more detail.

    Step 3:  Take the required enrollment documents to the school your child will be attending:

    • Photo ID of Parent or Legal Guardian


    Please note that ALL steps must be completed before your child will be enrolled.


    Click the link below to when you are ready to begin the steps. 

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