student Children turning five on or before September 1, 2024* are eligible to go to Kindergarten during the 2024-25 School Year. 
    *This age requirement is a state law and we are unable to make exceptions for younger students.


    To enroll your child for Kindergarten, please follow these instructions.

    stop If your incoming kindergartner is currently enrolled in a Cache District Preschool (your student is currently attending a preschool located in one of the Cache County School District buildings), click here to follow your specialized instructions. (You do not need to follow the instructions below, just the specialized ones in the link.)




    wait If your incoming kindergartner WAS enrolled in a Cache District Preschool and was later exited because you moved or changed your mind about preschool, follow the instructions in the GO section below.






    If your incoming kindergartner is new to the school district, click here to view the steps for registration and begin the process. If you have any questions along the way, please contact the appropriate school.  (School contact info is below.)



    Please note that all-day kindergarten is only offered at our elementary schools with sufficient classroom space. Thanks to the bond that was recently passed, every elementary school will be able to offer all-day kindergarten once the new middle schools are built and grades are reconfigured. Please contact your neighborhood school for more information.


    Contact Information for all schools in Cache County School District.


    Birch Creek Elementary 435-792-7692 675 West 220 North, Smithfield
    Canyon Elementary 435-792-7684 270 South 1300 East, Hyrum
    Cedar Ridge Elementary 435-563-6229 65 North 200 West, Hyde Park
    Greenville Elementary 435-750-7888 2450 North 400 East, North Logan
    Heritage Elementary 435-792-7696 925 W 3200 S Nibley 
    Lewiston Elementary 435-258-2923 181 South 200 East, Lewiston
    Lincoln Elementary 435-245-6442 90 South Center Street, Hyrum
    Millville Elementary 435-752-7162 67 South Main, Millville
    Mountainside Elementary 435-792-7688 235 East 125 North, Mendon
    Nibley Elementary 435-792-7676 2545 South 660 West, Nibley
    North Park Elementary 435-752-5121 2800 North 800 East
    Providence Elementary 435-752-6010 91 East Center Street, Providence
    River Heights Elementary 435-753-4948 780 East 600 South, River Heights
    Summit Elementary 435-563-6269 80 West Center Street, Smithfield
    Sunrise Elementary 435-563-3866 225 South 455 East, Smithfield
    Wellsville Elementary 435-245-3764 525 North 200 West, Wellsville
    White Pine Elementary 435-258-2344 184 West 100 North, Richmond