• Dear Canyon Parents,


    I got up this morning, got ready for work and kissed my husband goodbye and went to my garage office.  He reminded me we had an appointment this afternoon and asked If I would be meeting him in Town?  I replied, “No, I’ll be meeting you upstairs”.  And, with that, the reality set in.  I am in my office in...well...yep...the garage.  The heaters are on and I have decorated the workbench with all sorts of reminders of my kid-friendly office back at school.


    With that said, we are all experiencing a “new normal”.  I thought I’d look up quotes for “new normal” and found an abundant amount of thoughts and verses.  My favorite was this:




    Simple, yet profound.  I like “weird” because I have always said to my students “Own your weird...we all have to”.  So, here I am owning my weird, learning new things, and giving away some of the “old stuff”.  


    I want you to know I am here for you and/or your student/s.  I have been video chatting with many students and have room in my schedule to chat with so many more.  I am available Monday-Friday 9-4 and other times as needed.  Please shoot me an email or, google hangout text me through my school email and I will send you my schedule to set up a time.


    I miss your students tons and hope to meet up with them through “video chat”.




    Susan Paulsin