CTE Courses by High School

Sky View HS Green Canyon HS Mountain Crest HS Ridgeline HS Cache HS
Accounting 1 & 2 Accounting I Adult Roles/Financial Lit A & B Accounting 1 Advanced Agricultural Mechanics
Accounting I BUSN 1111 Accounting I BUS 1111 Adv Health Sci/A 1110 Accounting I BUSN 1111 Animal Science A
Adult Roles and Financial Lit A & B Adult Roles/Fin. Lit. Adv Health Sci 1111 Adult Roles and Financial Lit A & B Biology-Agricultural Sci A & B
Adv Health Sci/A 1110 Adv First Aid 2300 Ag Science Adv Health Sci/A 1110 Business Office Specialist
Adv Health Sci 1111 Ag Systems Tech 1B Adult Roles and Financial Lit A & B Adv Health Sci 1111 Economics
Advanced Medical Term CE Agricultural Science 1A & 1B Advanced Agricultural Mech Adv Health Sci 1111 Financial Literacy
Ag Systems Tech 1A & 1B Animal Science A & B Ag Systems Tech Ag Systems Tech Greenhouse Management
Animal Science AP Computer Science Animal Science A & B Agricultural Science 1A & 1B Law Enforcement
ASTE 2900 Hum/Food Athletic Trn A, B, C Biology-Agricultural Sci A & B Animal Science A & B Leadership Management
Biology-Agricultural Sci A/FFA & B/FFA Augmented Virtual Reality Business Mgmt Apparel Design & Production I & II Natural Resource Science A & B
Business Mgmt Biology-Agricultural Sci A & B Business Office Specialist Biology-Agricultural Sci A & B Plant and Soil Science A
Business Office Specialist Business Communication CAD Architectural Design Business Communication
Business 1010-Business Principals Business Law Child Development Business Law
CAD Architectural Design 1 Business Mgmt Commercial Photo Business Office Specialist
CAD Mechanical Design 1 Business Office Specialist Computer Programming 1A & 1B Business 1021
Child Development CAD Mechanical Design 1 Computer Science Principles CAD Mechanical Design 1 & 2
Commerical Photo Child Development Cosmetology Child Development
Computer Programming 1A Commercial Photo 1 & 2 CTE Intrenships Commerical Photo
CTE Internships Computer Programming 1A & 1B Digital Marketing Computer Science Principles
Cosmetology Computer Science 1400 Early Childhood Education Computer Programming 1A & 1B
Digital Graphic Arts Intro Cosmetology Electronics Cosmetology
Economics CTE Internships Engineering Principles CTE Internships
Exercise Sci A & B Digital Graphic Arts Intro Exercise Science Electronics 1
Exloring Computer Science Early Childhood Educ Exercise Science/AT 2175 Entrepreneurship
Fashion Design Studio Entrepreneurship Exploring Computer Science Exercise Science
FCSE 1040 Exercise Sci Fashion Design Studio Fashion Design Studio
Floriculture and Greenhouse Mgt Exploring Computer Science FHS 2400 Marr-Family Relationships FHS 2400 Marr-Family Relationships
Food and Nutrition I & II Fashion Design Studio FCSE 1040 Floriculture
Gaming Development Fundamentals FCSE 1040 Floriculture Food and Nutrition I
HDFS 1500/H Growth Floriculture and Greenhouse Mgt Food and Nutrition HDFS 1500/H Growth
Interior Design Food and Nutrition I & II HDFS 1500/H Growth Inro to Health Science
Intro to EMS Gaming Development Interior Design Interior Design
Intro to Health Science HDFS 1500/H Growth Intro to EMS Intro to EMS
Law Enforcement Interior Design Intro to Health Science Law Enforcement
Med Anat/Phys A & B Intro to Health Science Law Enforcement Marketing #1
Medical Terminology Law Enforcement Med Anat/Phys A & B Med Anat/Phys A & B
Natural Resource Sci Leadership Management Medical Terminology Medical Terminology
Nutrition 1020 Marketing #1 Nutrition 1020 Nutrition 1020
Plant and Soil Science A Med Anat/Phys A & B Plant and Soil Science A Robotics
Plant Sci 1800 Medical Terminology Plant Science 1800 Sewing Const and textiles
Robotics Nutrition 1020 Robotics Sports & Entertainment Marketing
TEAL 1010-Intro to Education Robotics Sewing Const and Textiles Veterinary Assistant
Web Development Sewing Const and Textile Sports & Entertainment Marketing Video Tech/Production A & B
Welding Sports and Enterainment Marketing Veterinary Assistant Web Development I
Woods Sports Const and Textiles Video Tech/Production A & B Woods
Video Tech/Production A Web Development
Web Development Woods