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    Drop-off and Pick-up Directions

    Thank you to those of you who have been patiently using the carpooling lane as it has been explained to you.  In an effort to encourage others to follow, we are sending this quick guide.  If the plan is followed, we can have all students picked up by the time the buses pull out; within 10 minutes after the bell rings.  Please know that we have this plan in place to 

    keep all students safe.      

    The blocks north and south of the school are not drop-off or pick-up zones.  Please don’t park along the road to drop-off or pick-up students.  It may be more convenient for you, but it makes it inconvenient and unsafe for others.  


    Do not park on the EAST side of the road to pick-up/drop-off your child.  Jay-walking is unsafe and breaks the law, even in our small community of Hyde Park.  


    Do not try to make a left-hand turn when there is traffic backed up waiting to make a right hand turn.  Go north to where there is no traffic & make a u-turn, or go around the block.


    Please always DRIVE SLOWLY (5 mph) through the parking lot.  Students should not be dropped-off or picked-up until your car is in the U section of the parking lot.  This allows more cars to get off the road and provides a way for us to keep students safe.  Students should enter/exit the passenger side of the car and parents should stay in the car unless there is an emergency.   If you must park to walk your children into the school, please use the provided crosswalk and hold your child’s hand; especially young children who might dart into traffic.

    We all need to work together to keep ALL students safe.  Thank you for your help!