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    South Parking Lot

    The south parking lot is for drop-off and pick-up. If you are dropping your child off somewhere else, or telling them to meet you in a different place, the safety liability is transferred to you. We have set up a plan to keep students safe, but we must have parents following rules to make that happen. If you feel like you must park in the south parking lot to walk your child in or out of the school, you must use the designated crosswalk, which is in the center of the parking lot. You should not just cross anywhere you think there is an opening. You should hold your child’s hand, regardless of their age, as you are taking their safety into your own hands.

    No Left Turns into the Carpool Lane or Parking Lot

    If you are coming from the south on 200 West, please make arrangements to go around the block and make a right hand turn only. (See attached map)

    Morning Drop-Off

    Please do not let your children out of the car until you reach the curved area of the parking lot and please pull as far forward as possible around the curve. Please be mindful of drivers behind you. We want as many cars off of 200 West as possible. (Please see attached map)

    Afternoon Pick-Up

    The pick-up area is along the “U” of the south parking lot. Please stay in the carpool lane when dropping off or picking up students. Please do not park your car along the red curb and leave it unattended. Cars need this lane to get out of the parking lot after students have been picked up. Please wait patiently and take your turn in line. Along 200 West please leave spaces for our buses to pull out.


    PLEASE SLOW DOWN! Please slow down to 5 miles per hour when traveling through the parking lot for the sake of our students.

    North Parking Lot

    The North parking lot is for employee parking only. DO NOT use it as a drop off or pick up area. We do not want traffic to pull out from the parking lot onto the road when children are walking north to the crosswalk and crossing guard.