Visual Arts
  • "Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas and themselves, and to explore what is possible."
    -Maryann F. Kohl, author and educator

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    Delpha Hall
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Visual Arts

  • Elementary Visual Arts Opportunities

    Students in grades 1-6 in each elementary school in the district attend a visual arts class once a week for approximately 40 minutes. Students are given the opportunity to experience creating art as they are introduced to fundamental elements and principles of art and various art mediums.

    Middle School Visual Arts Opportunities

    Students at the middle school level have the opportunity to take visual art as elective credit. Students increase their knowledge of and skill level with the basic elements and principles of quality art production through the use of various mediums.

    High School Visual Arts Opportunities

    High School students may choose to take visual art classes to fulfill arts credit requirements for graduation. Visual art classes may include instruction in drawing, portraiture, painting, art criticism, art history, ceramics, commercial art, sculpture, digital photography, desktop publishing, and interior design. Students may experience working with pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, watercolors, oil paints, and other mediums as they learn about the creative process and gain the skills necessary to pursue their artistic goals.