The Cache County School District has determined that cell phones have limited or no educational value and their use may create a distraction to the learning environment.  Possession of a cell phone by a student is a privilege which may be forfeited.  Students shall be personally and solely responsible for the security of their cell phones.  Cache County School District shall not assume any responsibility for theft, loss, or damage of a cell phone, or unauthorized calls made on a cell phone.


    Students may use cell phones before and after school, during passing time between classes and during the lunch break, as long as they do not create a distraction or a disruption or cause the student to be tardy for class.  During the ENTIRE CLASS PERIOD, cell phones will be turned off and secured.  Cell phones are strictly prohibited in classrooms, locker rooms, restrooms and shower facilities.  Cell phones should not be used during assemblies.


    At the beginning of each school year, students will be instructed on appropriate cell phone use and policy.  Teachers will reinforce the policy in class. Students who chose not to comply with the cell phone policy will be subject to the following consequences:

    1. First Offense – The cell phone will be taken by a teacher, or administrator and returned to them at the end of the school day.
    2. Second Offense – The cell phone will be taken by an administrator and a parent will be required to retrieve it.
    3. Third Offense – The student will lose their privilege to have a cell phone at school.