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  • October: Lincoln Elementary School Newsletter
    Upcoming Events:
    Oct 7 – PTA Meeting, 11:35am, Media Center
    Oct 7 – SCC Meeting, 3:45 pm, Media Center
    Oct 15 – 16 – NO SCHOOL, Fall Break
    Oct 19 – 23 – Red Ribbon Week
    Oct 30 – Halloween Parade @ 10am, Class Parties
    Nov 2 – Election Day
    Nov 4 – PTA Meeting, 11:35am, Media Center
    Nov 4 – SCC Meeting, 3:45 pm, Media Center
    Nov 5 – 6 – Parent Teacher Conferences
    Nov 5 – 6 – Boo to the Flu Clinic: Thu 3pm – 8pm, Fri 8am – 12pm
    Nov 6 – NO SCHOOL
    Nov 10 – Picture Retakes
    Nov 10 – Reflections Entries Due
    Nov 25-27 – NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break
    From the Principal:
    Dear Lincoln Families, Thank you all for a wonderful start to this school year. I’ve been impressed and
    inspired by how well our students, parents, and teachers have adjusted to our “new now.” Even social
    distancing can’t separate our students and teachers from having fun at school! Thank you for your effort
    to keep our kids and faculty safe and healthy - you are doing a terrific job! I believe there is no better
    place to be than an elementary school, and there is no better month in an elementary school than
    October. I love the warm days and the cool nights. I love seeing the students settle into their classrooms,
    develop sweet, close ties with their teachers and classmates, and find joy and curiosity in their daily
    lessons. Halloween is just around the corner. Our Halloween room parties will be held on Friday,
    October 30.  As a reminder, full-face masks, weapons and look-like weapons are not permitted. Vision
    must not be impaired, so anything that covers a student’s head is considered a safety hazard and is not
    permitted. Face paint is allowed in moderate amounts. Faculty and staff need to be able to identify
    students as much as possible during the day. Please help us keep your students safe by following these
    simple expectations during the Halloween celebrations at school. As always, thank you for supporting
    Lincoln Elementary as we provide the best education we possibly can. Happy October! Principal McKell
    From the PTA President:
    Happy Fall! It’s hard to believe we’ve been back in school for over a month now! Thank you to everyone
    who has signed up to help in your children’s classrooms with upcoming events and/or joined the PTA
    this year. It is not too late to become a part of the PTA and we could really use your support even if you
    are unable to volunteer in the school or classrooms. Your membership in the PTA ensures that you can
    stay informed on important issues that affect our school and community and that we can continue to
    offer school activities and events that support our Lincoln kids and strengthen our school. Watch for
    more information coming this month about prizes and drawings for new members that sign up during
    Oct and Nov. Also, with the cooler weather upon us, it is not too late to order your hoodies and school
    Spirit Wear if you haven’t already. To place an order, simply fill out a form from the bulletin board across
    from the main office and drop your completed form with payment attached (cash or check made
    payable to Lincoln PTA) in the blue lockbox at the office. We are looking forward to Red Ribbon Week
    coming up this month and if you would like to be involved or help out with this or any other school
    events please contact myself or a member of the PTA for more information on how to get involved.

    We are so grateful to all the administrators, teachers and staff at Lincoln who are working hard to keep
    our kids happy and safe this year. And thank you for all of your support and efforts in helping to make
    Lincoln a great school where our kids can continue to learn and grow! Rebecca Foulger (PTA President
    PTA Reflections Entry Deadline: Nov 10
    CALLING ALL ARTISTS! If you love drawing, painting, building with Legos or creating other masterpieces,
    writing stories or poems, taking pictures, making movies, choreographing dances, or writing music, then
    the Reflections Program is just for you! The THEME for this year is “I MATTER BECAUSE …," and ENTRIES
    WILL BE DUE NOV 10 TH . New this year: Students will be able to submit entries & entry forms online!
    Watch for more details coming home soon. If you have questions or would like to help, contact: Kiley
    THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP! We cannot function without our members, volunteers, and
    donations. We are so grateful for all the parents that have already given to the students at Lincoln
    Elementary in these ways!
    Important Information:
    School Website: ccsdut.org/lincoln
    Instagram: lincoln.pta
    Facebook Page: LincolnLeopardsHyrumUtah
    Also, check the Bulletin Board at the front entrance to the school
    Did you know that you can sync the school calendar to your device?
    1. Go to ccsdut.org/lincoln
    2. Follow the link to the Calendar
    3. Click on ‘iCal feed instructions’ in the top right corner to get started.
    Family Life Corner:
    Hello Lincoln friends! My name is Holly and I'm excited to share with you some fun and exciting ways to
    strengthen our home and family life. I wanted to share with you a simple memory I had as a child. Every
    now and then, my parents would take me on one of my very own outings. I felt so special!! I
    remembered that we didn't need to spend a lot of money to have a great time. It was that one-on-one
    attention that I needed. We spent quality time together taking walks, having a treat, or just talking with
    each other. This simple, yet special time was something that stayed with me and I remember it fondly,
    even now. Take a look at some of these ideas and maybe plan to do them soon! Have a great time!!!
    1. Go to a Movie: movies can be expensive with the entire family! On a date, you can see what
    that specific child wants and save money.
    2. Get a Special Treat: go to ice cream or get doughnuts. Go to a special candy shop or out for pie.
    3. See a Performance: musicals, ballets, jazz concerts, or music concerts. Check local high schools
    for inexpensive options.
    4. Do Something Active: miniature golfing, ice skating, swimming, rock climbing, bowling, roller
    blading, or go for a walk.
    5. Go Out to Eat: let your child pick the place and go have a nice meal together.
    6. Go to a Sporting Event: basketball, rodeo, football, soccer, gymnastic meets, swim meets, even a
    demolition derby.
    7. Visit a Museum, Zoo, or Gallery: Pick something your child has a passion for and go check it out.
    8. Go for a Walk: Walks are inexpensive. You can hike or just walk around the neighborhood.
    9. Play at a Park: go to a park and really play with your child, don’t just sit on the side and watch.

    10. Go Shopping: some children love to go shopping. Get a special something at the mall, or get
    some décor for the bedroom. Even new shoes can be exciting!
    Holly Roberts, PTA Family Life Commissioner

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.