• Lesson 1:
    1.  triumph (n.) – a great success or achievement
    2.  divine (adj.) – something so wonderful it seems to come from out of this world
    3.  dazzle (v.) – something is so bright or beautiful, it is hard to see
    4.  vanish (v.) – to disappear suddenly in a way that can’t be explained
    5.  stupefy (v.) – to surprise you so much it’s hard to think
    6.  crave (v.) – to want something so much you can hardly think of 
         anything else
    7.  dejected (adj.) – to feel sad because you’ve been disappointed
    8.  fulfill (v.) – to make something come true (like a dream or wish)


    Lesson 3:
    1.  scoff (v.) – to talk about something in a way that shows you think 
          it’s silly
    2.  assail (v.) – to attack someone/something physically or verbally
    3.  optimistic (adj.) – someone who is hopeful and looks at things in a 
         positive way
    4.  lament (v.) – to say how sad you are about something
    5.  steadfast (adj.) – someone who will not give up or be stopped from doing something
    6.  decisive (adj.) – someone who makes decisions quickly without 
         changing their minds later
    7.  gratifying (adj.) – something that makes you feel happy and proud 
         of what you’ve done
    8.  resigned (v.) – someone who accepts a bad situation without 
         complaining because they know it cannot be changed

    Lesson 5:
    1.  fume (v.) – to talk or think about something in an angry way
    2.  rummage (v.) – to search for something you want by moving things around in a hurried way
    3.  hypnotic (adj.) – something that holds your attention so much that you can’t think of anything else
    4.  opponent (n.) – someone who is against you in a game, contest, or 
    5.  glum (adj.) – being sad and quiet because you are unhappy about 
    6.  dedication (n.) – to give something a lot of time and effort because you care so much about it
    7.  seclusion (n.) – a quiet place away from other people
    8.  victorious (adj.) – to have won a contest, sport, or battle

    Lesson 7:
    1.  levitate (v.) – to appear to rise/float in the air without any support
    2.  neglect (v.) – to fail to take care of something properly
    3.  stifle (v.) – to force something to stop
    4.  astray (adv./adj..) – something that has gone missing while it was on its way somewhere; gone off the path 
    5.  alibi (n.) – proof that you were somewhere else when something 
         happened; proof that it’s not your fault
    6.  enigma (n.) – something mysterious and difficult to understand
    7.  escapade (n.) – a daring adventure or action
    8.  notorious (adj.) – to be well known for something (often bad)

    Lesson 9:
    1.  jolt (v.) – something moves you in a sudden and hard way
    2.  pry (v.) – to force something to move or open
    3.  prospect (n.) – the chance that something might happen
    4.  incident (n.) – an event; often unpleasant 
    5.  dumbfounded (v.) – to be so surprised you don’t know what to say
    6.  vindicate (v.) – a person who is proved to be right after others said they were wrong
    7.  isolated (adj.) – something that is separate and away from 
         everything else
    8.  refurbish (v.) – to make something look like it did when it was new

    Lesson 11:
    1.  thrive (v.) – to do well and be successful, healthy, or strong
    2.  aroma (n.) – how something smells
    3.  coordination (n.) – the ability to move several parts of your body at once without getting mixed up
    4.  surly (adj.) – someone who behaves in a rude, bad-tempered way 
    5.  pulverize (v.) – to crush, grind, or pound something into tiny pieces
    6.  adversary (n.) – someone you are competing or fighting against
    7.  antic (n.) – funny, silly, or unusual ways of acting
    8.  mortify (v.) – something that offends or embarrasses you a 
          great deal

    Lesson 13: 
    1.  muster (v.) – to gather as much of something as you can in order to do something
    2.  compact (v.) – to press something together to make it smaller or 
         more solid
    3.  scrawl (v.) – to write something carelessly and in a messy way
    4.  crevice (n.) – a narrow crack or gap 
    5.  seldom (adv.) – something that only happens every once in a while
    6.  repulsive (adj.) – something so horrible and disgusting that you   
         want to avoid it
    7.  tolerate (v.) – to accept something even though you don’t like it
    8.  teem (v.) – to crowd in a place/area with people or animals

    Lesson 15:
    1.  epidemic (adj.) – something that affects a large number of people
         and spreads quickly
    2.  detach (v.) – to remove or separate something from another thing 
    3.  evidently (adv.) – in a way that can be seen or noticed; there is 
         proof to it
    4.  gaze (v.) – to look at something in a steady way for a long time 
    5.  destiny (n.) – something that will happen to you; your future
    6.  bleak (adj.) – something that is bad and unlikely to get any better
    7.  presume (v.) – to think that something is true, even without 
          knowing for sure it is true
    8.  rebuff (v.) – to rudely refuse someone and make them go away

    Lesson 17:
    1.  skim (v.) – to move over the top of something quickly
    2.  insistent (adj.) – to continue to tell people that something is so, 
         even if they disagree 
    3.  unscathed (adj.) – to be not hurt or injured after something 
         dangerous happens
    4.  subtle (adj.) – when something does not stand out and it may not 
         be noticed right away 
    5.  maneuver (v.) – to move something in a particular or skillful way
    6.  intense (adj.) – something is very strong or goes to an extreme 
    7.  audacious (adj.) – someone who tries wild things and even takes 
         risks to reach their goals
    8.  fanatical (adv.) – someone who feels very strongly about 
         something that it’s almost crazy

    Lesson 19:  
    1.  texture (n.) – the way something feels when you touch it
    2.  consistent (adj.) – things that happen, act, or look about the same 
         each time 
    3.  jaunt (n.) – a short trip that you go on for fun
    4.  extravaganza (n.) – an extravagant, extremely fantastic, or 
         amazing event 
    5.  expedition (n.) – an important trip/journey to reach a particular 
    6.  amiable (adj.) – someone who is friendly and people like being 
         around them
    7.  indomitable (adj.) – someone who never gives up or admits defeat
    8.  vivacious (adj.) – someone who is lively and exciting

    Lesson 21:
    1.  fascinate (v.) – something that interests you so much you think 
         about it a lot
    2.  perplex (v.) – something that confuses or worries you because you 
         can’t figure it out
    3.  wheeze (v.) – to have a hard time breathing; to make a whistling 
         sound while breathing
    4.  sashay (v.) – to walk in a fancy way so that other people will notice 
    5.  thwart (v.) – to stop your plans or from getting something you want
    6.  distract (v.) – to take your attention away from something
    7.  squat (adj.) – someone/something that is short and thick
    8.  plethora (n.) – a very large amount of something; sometimes more than you want or need

    Lesson 23:
    1.  banish (v.) – to make someone go away and stop them from 
         coming back
    2.  decree (n.) – an official order or decision made by a person or 
         group with the authority to do it 
    3.  desert (v.) – to leave someone and to stop supporting or 
         helping them
    4.  spare (v.) – to save someone/something from being hurt or used 
         for something else 
    5.  commend (v.) – to praise someone in an official way
    6.  ruthless (adj.) – someone who is cruel and will do anything to 
         achieve their goals
    7.  serene (adj.) – someone/something that is calm and quiet
    8.  covert (adj.) – an action or thing that is secret or hidden

  • Lesson 2:
    1.  cubicle (n.) – a small, enclosed space used for a particular activity
    2.  bail (v.) – to get out of a situation because it is difficult or dangerous
    3.  reinforce (v.) – to add something else to something to make it   
    4.  expel (v.) – to force something out
    5.  abandon (v.) – to leave something behind
    6.  impetuous (adj.) – someone who does something quickly without 
         thought or care
    7.  dilemma (n.) – a situation without an easy solution (usually 
          because all the choices are equally good or equally bad)
    8.  resolutely (adv.) – to do something without changing your mind or giving up

    Lesson 4:
    1.  eliminate (v.) – to remove something completely
    2.  stationary (adj.) – not moving; staying in one place
    3.  incredulous (adj.) – you cannot believe something because it is 
         very surprising
    4.  contender (n.) – someone who competes to win a contest/election, 
         usually with a good chance of winning
    5.  grimace (v./n.) – a facial expression in which your face is twisted in 
         a way that shows pain or something you don’t like
    6.  fatigue (n.) – the state of feeling very, very tired
    7.  stamina (n.) – someone with stamina can do something tiring for a long time
    8.  foil (v.) – to stop someone’s attempt from doing something

    Lesson 6:
    1.  lodge (v.) – to get stuck somewhere
    2.  feverish (adj.) – doing something very quickly as if you need to 
         finish it as soon as possible
    3.  tactic (n.) – something you do to try to get what you want
    4.  disband (v.) – when a group stops doing things together
    5.  ingenuity (n.) – to be good at finding new ways to solve problems 
         or making things
    6.  anonymous (adj.) – when other people don’t know your name or
         that you were the one to have done something
    7.  crucial (adj.) – something that is very important
    8.  formative (adj.) – an experience that plays an important part in the kind of person you become

    Lesson 8:
    1.  lurch (v.) – to make a sudden, jerky movement forward
    2.  primp (v.) – to take a long time getting ready because you are picky 
         about how you look
    3.  putrid (adj.) – something that is rotten and smells awful
    4.  rowdy (adj..) – people that are noisy and rough and may end up 
         causing trouble 
    5.  jovial (adj.) – someone who is very happy and behaves in a 
         cheerful way
    6.  outlandish (adj.) – something that is weird and unlikely to happen
    7.  allure (tr.v.) – the way that something is attractive or exciting
    8.  suave (adj.) – someone who is charming, polite, elegant (but may 
         not be sincere)

    Lesson 10:
    1.  navigate (v.) – to find a way to move through, on, or around    
    2.  phenomenal (adj.) – something that is unusual because it is so 
    3.  sedate (adj.) – someone that is quiet and doesn’t get excited easily
    4.  mandate (n.) – to declare something must be done 
    5.  astute (adj.) – someone who is very good at understanding things
    6.  superior (adj.) – something that is far better than something else
    7.  humanitarian (n.) – someone who works to improve the lives of 
         people who are suffering
    8.  accolade (n.) – something is done or said about someone that 
         shows how much people admire them

    Lesson 12: 
    1.  ricochet (v.) – when something hits a surface and bounces back 
         from it
    2.  fragment (n.) – a small piece of something
    3.  radiance (n.) – the glowing light that shines from something
    4.  dwindle (v.) – to become smaller, weaker, or fewer in number 
    5.  auspicious (adj.) – a sign that good things are on the way
    6.  fleeting (adj.) – something that lasts for a short time
    7.  fathom (v.) – to not understand or believe something, no matter 
         how much you think about it
    8.  newsworthy (adj.) – something interesting enough that would be 
         reported on the news

    Lesson 14: 
    1.  dainty (adj.) – something that is small, delicate, and pretty
    2.  eloquent (adj.) – someone who uses words well to clearly say what 
         they mean 
    3.  shard (n.) – a small, sharp and pointy piece of something, like 
         broken glass, pottery, or metal
    4.  torment (v.) – to cause great mental or physical pain 
    5.  disheveled (adj.) – someone who looks untidy and messy
    6.  excruciating (adj.) – something that is very, very painful
    7.  fickle (adj.) – someone who changes their mind a lot about what 
         they think or want
    8.  overreact (v.) – to react or respond more strongly that you should 
         or need to

    Lesson 16: 
    1.  possession (n.) – something that you own
    2.  venture (v.) – to go somewhere even though it might be 
    3.  scarcely (adv.) – something is just barely, almost not at all
    4.  keen (adj.) – someone/thin that is very aware and able to see 
         the most minor details
    5.  scrutinize (v.) – to look at something very carefully and closely
    6.  quandary (n.) – a situation in which you have to make a decision but you are can’t decide what to do
    7.  elucidate (v.) – to explain to make it clear and easy to understand
    8.  plentiful (v.) – there is so much of something that there’s   
         enough for everyone

    Lesson 18:
    1.  prosper (v.) – to becomes successful and do very well
    2.  reputation (n.) – what you are known for or what other people 
         think of you 
    3.  transpire (v.) – when something happens or develops in a 
         certain way
    4.  squander (v.) – to waste something (like a chance or money) for a 
         foolish reason 
    5.  flabbergasted (v.) – to be so surprised you don’t know what to 
    6.  altercation (n.) – a noisy argument or disagreement
    7.  speculate (v.) – to make guesses about what something is or what 
         might happen
    8.  verify (v.) – to check something carefully to make sure it is true

    Lesson 20:
    1.  mischief (n.) – something that irritates or annoys people, but 
         doesn’t seriously hurt anyone/anything
    2.  recruit (v.) – to convince someone to help you do something 
    3.  nonchalant (adj.) – someone who is calm and doesn’t seem to 
         worry about what happens
    4.  undeterred (v.) – to keep doing something, even when other 
          people are trying to stop you 
    5.  meander (v.) – someone/something that moves slowly and not in a straight line
    6.  apprehension (n.) – to feel afraid that something bad might happen
    7.  sleuth (n.) – someone who solves mysteries or investigates crime
    8.  hunch (n.) – to have a strong feeling that something is true, even 
         though you don’t have proof

    Lesson 22:
    1.  effortless (adj.) – to do something easily and well
    2.  exhibition (n.) – an event where interesting things or a skillful 
          activity is displayed 
    3.  native (adj.) – someone who was born and grew up in a particular 
         country, state, or place
    4.  coast (v.) – something that continues to move and go without using any power to move it 
    5.  prowess (n.) – someone’s great skill at doing something
    6.  dissuade (v.) – to convince someone from doing something
    7.  bliss (n.) – complete happiness
    8.  diminutive (adj.) – someone or something that is very small

    Lesson 24:
    1.  sulk (v.) – to be quiet and moody for a while because you are 
         annoyed about something
    2.  jeer (v.) – to say mean things at someone to show you don’t like 
    3.  consideration (n.) – to have given something careful thought
    4.  probable (adj.) – when something is likely to happen or be true 
    5.  fumble (v.) – to clumsily try to reach or hold something
    6.  pretentious (adj.) – someone who tries to seem more important 
         than they really are
    7.  obscure (adj.) – when most people don’t know about something 
         or understand it 
    8.  assert (v.) – to say something firmly because you are sure of it