• Ridgeline High School Community Council Minutes
    Tuesday, August 9, 2016 at 7:00 A.M.; Conference Room

    Members Present: Kerri Williams (Chair/parent), Crystal Howe (Vice Chair/parent), Michelle Palmer (Secretary/parent), Robert Henke (principal), Michelle Israelsen (parent), Joshua Nelson (parent), Bonnie Odd (staff), Emma Smith (teacher), Brittany Foster (assist. principal, non-voting member), David Swenson (assist. principal, non-voting member), Tara Johnson (counselor/non-voting member)
    Members Absent: Joel Duffin (parent), Jerry Skidmore (teacher)
    Meeting Conducted by: Robert Henke

    Agenda Item #1: Elections
    Discussion: Mr. Henke welcomed the new Ridgeline School Community Council members and had them introduce themselves. The floor was then opened for nominations for chairman, vice chairman, and secretary. The following were nominated and then the voting was unanimous for Kerri Williams as chairman, Crystal Howe as vice chairman, and Michelle Palmer as secretary.

    Agenda Item #2: Counseling Items
    Discussion: Tara Johnson shared some information from a survey that was given to parents, teachers and students about the needs of the students. The participants felt that the students need more information about:
    1. Scholarships/financial aid
    2. ACT Preparation
    3. Stress Management
    4. College /Career Guidance
    5. Comprehensive Counseling
    6. Study Skills/Utah Futures
    7. Finding and Keeping Jobs
    The counselors will focus on ways to get this information to the students this year. For example, they are looking at helping students to manage stress before tests.

    The counselors are also involved in a Data Project this year focusing on tracking the Hispanic/Latino students who have lower GPA’s than other populations of students. They also feel that the classes that they take are not preparing them for college. The ESL students have the lowest GPA of any population. They are looking at ways to assist these students so that they can be successful in high school.

    Agenda Item #3: Construction Up-date
    Discussion: Mr., Henke shared the following information about our new school:
    · The inside is finished with just a couple of minor things that are not quite done (the hanging lights in the auditorium are being replaced with recessed lighting to not interfere with spotlights, the trophy cases need glass)
    · Football field: turf is almost complete
    · Track and tennis surfaces should be laid this week
    · Baseball fields and fences almost done
    · Large fields should have sod laid on Thursday
    · We are funded for 1331 students but as of today have 1401 students registered. After the first week of school when the student population will be re-counted, we might get more funding from the district for more teachers. Class sizes may be large at the beginning of the school year, until this is resolved.

    Agenda Item #4: Open House
    Discussion: Mr. Henke reminded the SCC that an open house will be held for the members of the community to give them a chance to tour the new school. It will be held Tuesday, August 9th from 5-9pm. There will be a dedication program at 7:30pm and a ribbon cutting at 8:10pm. Pepperidge Farm has generously donated 8000 cookies for this event.

    Agenda Item #5: Freshman/Sophomore Orientation
    Discussion: Mr. Swenson gave each SCC member a copy of the schedule for RiverHawk Academy (the Freshman-Sophomore Orientation) to be held on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 from 7;30am-1:20pm. He explained that this was a successful program at Skyview High School. The climate on the first couple of days at a new school can influence the students’ whole year. We want the beginning of the school year to be upbeat, positive, and happy. He said that he needs 20 volunteers to help from 7:00-8:30am to help with registration and grouping students in the auditorium.6 SCC members volunteered to help. Mr. Swenson will contact the PTSA leadership for more volunteers. If SCC members know of other parents who can help, please have them email David Swenson (David.Swenson@ccsdut.org)

    Agenda Item #6: 2016-17 School Improvement Plan/Trust Land Plan
    Discussion: Mr. Henke said that this year’s plan has been submitted and approved. He explained a couple of minor changes in wording that need to be made to make the plan compliant with new rules. Funds from Trust Land Money that are used to pay salaries must be for people who spend at least 70% of their time with students. Therefore, the FLEX secretary will have an office in “The Nest” (in-school suspension) to comply with this rule. The SCC approved this change and Mr. Henke will make the changes as necessary.

    Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 13th at 7:00am in the Conference Room. (Meetings will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7am.)

    Minutes Prepared By: Michelle Palmer