• Ridgeline High School; School Community Council Minutes
    Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 7:00 A.M.; Conference Room

    Members Present: Kerri Williams (Chair/parent), Crystal Howe (Vice Chair/parent), Michelle Palmer (Secretary/parent), Robert Henke (principal), Michelle Israelsen (parent), Joshua Nelson (parent), Bonnie Odd (staff), Emma Smith (teacher), Jerry Skidmore (teacher), Brittany Foster (assist. principal, non-voting member), David Swenson (assist. principal, non-voting member), Tara Johnson (counselor/non-voting member)
    Members Absent: Joel Duffin (parent)
    Visitors: There were 2 parents visiting this public meeting.
    Meeting Conducted by: Kerri Williams

    Agenda Item #1: Opening of school--follow-up
    Discussion: Mr. Henke gave a report about the beginning of the school year. Currently there are 1459 students enrolled, which is 129 more students than what was planned in the current budget. The official enrollment will be counted on October 1st, after which, the district will adjust our budget. Some of the classes were too large, but some teachers are now teaching during their prep hour and other adjustments have been made.

    Agenda Item #2: RiverHawk Academy-- follow-up
    Discussion: Mr. Swenson said that there was a great volunteer response. Because there were so many students who participated, some adjustments had to be made to accommodate them with the space required. Parent and student response has been positive. Some of the comments were that this helped the students to be less stressed on the first day of school. One adjustment to be considered for next year is to shorten the time; perhaps to end at noon.

    Agenda Item #3: Construction Up-date
    Discussion: Mr. Henke shared the following information about our new school:
    · Some repairs are still being made
    · The sound system in the auditorium has been installed. The lights are still in the process of being changed.
    · The soccer, baseball, and softball fields need to have sod laid.
    · The greenhouse is currently being constructed.

    Agenda Item #4: Counseling Items
    Discussion: Tara Johnson asked the council for feedback on the first College Day, featuring Utah State. Response was generally positive, although some parents were not aware of this event. Emails were sent to the parents and information about it was on the Ridgeline Counseling Facebook page. Teachers were asked to tell their students about an experience that they had when they went to college. October 24th will be a college tour for seniors. On that day, all seniors can visit with representatives from their top 3 college choices to get information. Representatives from colleges and technical school throughout the state and some from the region will be here. November 1-7 will be College Application Week for colleges from the stake of Utah. Seniors can apply to college right here at Ridgeline and also talk to representatives from schools of higher education in Utah. In January, there will be another College Day, featuring U of U.
    Tara also said that the counseling department has identified the most at risk students in the school. There are 100 students meeting weekly with VISTA interns to learn study skills, to be mentored, and to get help with schoolwork.

    Agenda Item #5: 5k run/walk fundraiser for disabled students, September 17th with registration at 9:30am and the race at 10:00am.
    Discussion: No one had any further information on this event, other than it will be held at USU. See the school website for more information.

    Agenda Item #6: 2016-17 School Improvement Plan/Trust Land plan budget status
    Discussion: Agenda Item #6: Mr. Henke reported that we have 3 ESL aides which receive funding with the Trust Land funds. We have 2 VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) interns ($6500/each) who help the at risk students to encourage education. They also help with “The Nest,” which is Ridgeline’s in-school suspension which provides a positive intervention for students. The teacher PLC team and the flex secretary, Kendra Taggert, are also paid from these funds. Kendra also supervises “The Nest.” Our School Improvement Plan goal is to improve test scores across all populations and improve within some sub-groups.

    Other Items:
    · Joel Duffin will not be able to attend SCC meetings, so Kerri Williams will contact the next 2 parents who were next on the list after elections to see if one can serve on the SCC.
    · SCC District Training: go to schoollandtrust.org to get information about the training. There is one on October 12 at Bonneville High School
    · Michelle Palmer presented an idea about the heritage of the land on which the school was built, from an editorial in the Herald Journal from March 15, 2015. The land was owned and farmed by Oscar and Leora Monson. Discussion about the possibility of naming the greenhouse in their honor or perhaps posting a plaque in the school with the information would be a good way to remember the heritage of the land. Perhaps the FFA could do something to recognize them. Ms. Smith suggested that a copy of the letter be given to Ms. Hall, as she is writing a play about Ridgeline.
    · A concern was brought up concerning people having a difficult time locating RHS. Google Earth shows the school, but Google Maps, which more people are using, is incorrect. Mr. Henke has contacted Google to try to get this corrected. Mr. Henke will talk to representatives in Nibley to see if a street sign could be posted on the street light on the highway. The road sign on the highway contains a Nibley address, which is confusing for visitors.
    · All items for the agenda for future SCC meetings need to be turned in one week prior to each meeting, so that the agenda can be posted publically.
    · Mr. Henke made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Crystal Howe seconded. The voting was unanimous to adjourn the meeting.

    Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 7:00am in the Conference Room

    Minutes Prepared By: Michelle Palmer