• Ridgeline High School; School Community Council Minutes
    Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 7:00 A.M.; Conference Room

    Members Present: Kerri Williams (Chair/parent), Crystal Howe (Vice Chair/parent), Michelle Palmer (Secretary/parent), Robert Henke (principal), Michelle Israelsen (parent), Joshua Nelson (parent), Kay Sweeten (parent), Bonnie Odd (staff), Emma Smith (teacher), Jerry Skidmore (teacher), Tara Johnson (counselor/non-voting member)
    Members Absent: Brittany Foster (assist. principal, non-voting member), David Swenson (assist. principal, non-voting member),
    Visitors: There were 2 parents visiting this public meeting.
    Meeting Conducted by: Kerri Williams

    Agenda Item #1: Vote to replace Joel Duffin with Kay Sweeten
    Discussion: Michelle Palmer made a motion to add Kay Sweeten to the Ridgeline School Community Council, replacing Joel Duffin who is no longer able to serve. Bonnie Odd seconded. The vote was unanimous. Kay Sweeten told the council a little about herself.

    Agenda Item #2: Counseling Items
    Discussion: Tara Johnson gave an update on the data project. The counselors are working with Latino students, who as a group, feel that their classes are not preparing them for the future. Their GPA is lower than other groups. There will be a College and Career Readiness Breakfast for this group. They will be going to USU to attend Diversity Discovery Day. November 2 will be a FAFSA Completion Night. We are hoping for 60% participation of the Latino students. October 25th will be a college tour for all seniors. On that day, seniors can visit with representatives from their top 3 college choices to get information. Representatives from all the colleges and university from Utah will be here, along with Bridgerland Applied Technology College and WyoTech.

    Agenda Item #3: Street Name
    Discussion: Mr. Henke will contact Nibley City to see if a sign can be added to the streetlight in front of the school with the school name or “Riverhawk Drive,” to make it easier for visitors to locate the school.

    Agenda Item #4: Monson Recognition
    Discussion: Mr. Henke will contact the Cache County School Board to see what options we have to honor Oscar Monson, who once owned and farmed the land upon which Ridgeline High School was built.

    Agenda Item #5: 2016-17 School Improvement Plan/Trust Land plan budget status
    Discussion: Mr. Henke shared the official expenditure spread sheet from the district showing the expenditures that have been made so far this year. Our total allocation is $107,289.00. There is 76% of the budget remaining.

    Agenda Item #6: Discussion: Agenda Item #6: Job Descriptions
    Discussion: Mr. Henke showed the council how to get more information about serving on a School Community Council, specifically duties of the members. Members can go to www.schools.utah.gov (departments-index-schools-trust land-job description and training) or directly to www.schoollandtrust.org.

    Agenda Item #7: Training on October 25 and 26
    Discussion: Mr. Henke informed the council about School Community Council training. On October 26, the training will be held at Ridgeline High School at 6:30pm in the lecture hall. The training will be provided by the State Board of Education. We need to have some members of our council attend.

    Agenda Item #8: Trust Land Video
    Discussion: The council watched the training video “Touch The Future”

    Agenda Item #9: Data Gateway
    Discussion: Mr. Henke shared information about the Data Gateway, which is found on the Utah State Board of Education website (datagateway.schools.utah.gov). This website provides information about how schools in our state are doing, including test scores. Ridgeline High School is not on the website yet, so for last year’s data, we need to look at Mountain Crest High School. We can compare MC to 20 similar schools to see how our scores compare. We can look at proficiency and progress. We can look at math, science, and language arts. We can look at SAGE results, student growth, and school report cards. Cache is the highest performing district in the state.

    Other Items:
    · Michelle Palmer made a motion to approve the minutes from the September meeting. Kay Sweeten seconded. The vote was unanimous.
    · Emma Smith made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Crystal Howe seconded. The vote was unanimous to adjourn the meeting.

    Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 7:00am in the Conference Room

    Minutes Prepared By: Michelle Palmer