• Canyon Elementary

    School Community Council Minutes

    Friday, September 2, 2016



    In Attendance:  Stacie Williamson (Principal), Wendy Bowers (P Co-Chair), Tiffany Farnsworth (P Secretary), Jayson Curtis (T) (P),) Staci Loveland (P), Megan Woolstenhulme (PTA),

    Excused:  Linda Bergsjo (T), Kristen Smith (T)


    1.  Welcome             


    2.  Review Minutes from April.

    Wendy Bowers motioned to accept with Stacie Williamson seconding, with unanimous vote to accept.


    3.  This year’s SCC:  Staci Loveland voted as a new Secretary with a unanimous vote to accept.  Tiffany Farnsworth is now a staff member and will no longer be serving as a member.  Jayson Curtis is replacing Michael Torrey as the 4th and 5th grade representative.  Alyssa Hertzler plans to rerun.  The council needs two more parent members.


    4.  Stacie Williamson will get a note sent home asking for parents to run for Community Council.  Elections will be held during SEP conferences.  


    5.  Trustland Funds:  Stacie is waiting on the funds to come in to purchase items


    5.  School Doors will open at 8:40, students do not need to be to school any earlier than 9:00, if they eat breakfast 8:50 is plenty early to get to school.  School begins at 9:15.


    6.  Other: Parent drop off:  parents need to pull as far forward as they can.  Students have been instructed to not go past the red painted line.  If parents wave kids into the street their license plates will be turned into the cops.  If parents are finding it frustrating to go through the drop off zone it is recommended to park in the church parking lot.  Lines and arrows need to be repainted in the drop off zone.


    We are at 680 students with life skills and preschool.


    The district is purchasing a new computer math program:  Ascend, a teacher in the school needs to try it out, possibly a teacher that has a lot of parent help.


    7.  Next Meeting Scheduled for May 6, 2016 3:30 pm and/or April 8, 2016 at 2:30 pm in the Conference room.