School Improvement Plan & Trust Land

  • School Year 2019-20

    Draft of Trustland Goals for 2019-20 school year.


    This year Greenville has a goal to improve in the following ways:


Final Report Summary

  • School Year 2018-19

    Goal #1:





    Goal #2:




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    Every school receives School LAND Trust Program funding based on the school’s student enrollment. The interest and dividend income from the State Treasurer’s investment of the permanent State School Fund is distributed through a primarily enrollment based formula prescribed in the law. The funds flow through the school district, but districts do not withhold any funds.

    The school district’s business office enters expenditures at the end of each school year. The principal then explains the expenditures in the Final Report. This allows policymakers, administrators, and the public to see where the trust dollars are being spent and what results are being achieved at each school.

Trustland Fund Expenditures 2018-19