Community Council

  • Every school has a school community council or a trust lands committee. The membership of a school community council includes the principal, teachers elected by teachers, and a majority of parents elected by parents of students at the school.  The most effective councils and committees are those whose members work collaboratively to develop plans to aid all students in reaching their potential.

    All trustland meetings are open to the public.  They will be held at 3:45pm in the Greenville Media Center(Library). The meeting schedule will be as follows:
    Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11(Cancelled), Jan 8, Feb 12, Mar 11, Apr 8, May 13 & for next year: Sept

    We will follow the Parlimentary Rules of Procedure

Minutes & Agenda (Current Month)

  • February 12, 2020   Minutes



    Troy Pugmire, Nena Copeland, Katie Longhurst, Rebecca Ginos, Megan Armstrong, Audrey Kandler


    ● Approve Nov. Minutes: Motion by Rebecca, 2nd by Audrey. Motion to approve Nov. minutes passed.
    ● Set Next Meeting Date: March 11, April 15, May 13


    School Improvement Plan

    ● Update of spending for current year’s plan
    ● Set schedule to review data and write 2020-21 School Improvement Plan
            ○ Let’s get some firm dates and deadlines set so we can have enough time to fully evaluate the plan before we vote.

    Digital Citizenship

    ● Proposed review at March meeting since this was originally on the agenda for Feb.

    School Safety Plan

    Members of council to review dress code and safety plans before full distribution.

    ● We have installed several new security cameras throughout the school. Troy went over the system with the Community Council. A large portion of the funds for it came from rolled over account funds from previous years.
    ● School Drop-off & Pick-Up: Status of possible bus/parking move
         ○ This is STILL an issue and needs clarification to parents from the school
    ■ Adult supervision needs to remain outside until 9:15 at a minimum (2nd bell).  Often they are inside before this time and there are several issues that arise from this. Including no safe crosswalk and left hand turns plugging up the circle and preventing cars from being able to enter and drop off.
    ■ There needs to be signage and prevention from the staff parking area being used for pick up and drop off. Parents are already getting in the habit of using this area even when space is  available in the approved lot. The result is the dangerous situation of reversing cars and kids running just as was the case before. The usage of this lot was approved in our meeting based on the idea that preventing this situation from happening again would be a priority,
    ● How do we enforce the parking procedures and designated areas?
    ● The additional signs and painting of the lot will be done in the springtime
         ○ Long-term parking only? Volunteer parking? Park and Drop off Only?
         ○ Make a map with the parking lots and their designated function (Troy)
    ● Letter/map outlining the procedures has been written by Troy and will be distributed by the end of Feb.

    Safety Report/Review Presented by Mr. Pugmire: this was previously scheduled for Jan.

    Mrs. Pugh is going through the CERT training for school emergency/disaster preparedness and procedures.

    Procedures for reunification of the parents and students for pick up at designated areas following a disaster are being setup. We reviewed the checkout form that may be used to release students to their parents. We also looked at the message that would be sent to parents via phone, text, email, etc.
         -See the attached form {Student Release Form}
         -Add ‘teacher’ to the form next to the grade level and after student name.
         -Do we want to create a student ID lanyard with their basic info.
                ● Can we get lifetouch to help us create these?
         -Command Center with a table(s) where parents come to pick up their student.  Runners come to the teachers for the students and bring them to the command center.
         -Can we walk out and brainstorm next meeting where to gather?

    Meeting adjourned.


  • Community Council Members 2019-20

    Jaimie Patterson      881-5486
    Vice Chair-

    Daniel Greene    750-7888

    Megan Armstrong   
    Melanie Chambers  
    Audrey Kandler               
    Katie Longhurst
    Jaimie Patterson

    Principal:   750-7888
    Troy Pugmire 
    Teachers:   750-7888 
    Nena Copeland
    Sandy Mecham
    Cam Amott    

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What is GV Community Council?

  • Parents act as the primary advocates for all children. By working as a group and understanding the legal responsibilities that lie with the principal, parents ensure the representation of various viewpoints and values within the community. Parent engagement is key to student achievement and student progress. Parents make up the majority of a school community council, and are often the driving force. Parents will serve as chair and vice-chair or in at least one of the co-chair positions. It is important that parents on the council understand the responsibilities of the council, and are able to collaborate well with the other members of the council to effect meaningful school improvement for all children. Please check out the Parent Checklist to be involved.

    Elections are held annually at a time selected by each school. Contact your principal or the chair of your council if you are interested in serving on the council.

Trustland Monies

  • Every school receives School LAND Trust Program funding based on the school’s student enrollment. The interest and dividend income from the State Treasurer’s investment of the permanent State School Fund is distributed through a primarily enrollment based formula prescribed in the law. The funds flow through the school district, but districts do not withhold any funds.

    The school district’s business office enters expenditures at the end of each school year. The principal then explains the expenditures in the Final Report. This allows policymakers, administrators, and the public to see where the trust dollars are being spent and what results are being achieved at each school.

    Please check out the following links for information on Trust Land monies and 2018 School Plan.