Upcoming Meeting Notification

  • The next School Community Council meeting will be on October 10, 2022, at 3:45 pm.

2022-23 Proposed Meeting Schedule

  • The 2022-2023 meeting schedule will be held every third Wednesday of the month at 3:45 pm in the Media Center as follows: Oct 10, Nov 16, Dec 14 (if needed), Jan 18, Feb 15, Mar 15, Apr 19, May 17.

Rules of Order & Procedure

Minutes & Agenda (Current Month)

  • September 21, 2022    Minutes

    Attendance: Megan Armstrong, Julie Broschinsky, Stephanie Adams, Larissa Yahne, Rebecca Ginos, Mariah Checketts, Danny Greene

    Select Chair, Vice/Co-Chair & Secretary
         Chair: Megan Armstrong, Vice Chair: Terra Stanko, Secretary: Danny Greene

    Motion to nomination positions as listed above by Rebecca Ginos, 2nd by Larissa
    Yahne. Voting for positions unanimous 

         ○ Video:What's New: School Land Trust Program 2022-23
               We watched the video and ideas on maybe Zoom link for meetings
               Be careful of scams via email 

         ○ October 4th @ 6:00 (Virtual)
         ○ Additional State Trainings:
               ■ Nov. 9 (12 pm)
               ■ Nov. 9 (7 pm)
               ■ Nov. 14th (12 pm)
               ■ Nov. 14th (7 pm)

    Rules of Order and Procedure
          We read over these from the school website link: https://www.ccsdut.org/Page/7294
          No questions or concerns were raised on procedure overview 

    Review Plan & Expenditures
    Stephanie presented the overview budget spreadsheets and then goals 

        ○ Trustlands  (about $70,000) 
              Our reading goal is to increase percent of students scoring benchmark or higher on the acadience reading composite score (RC) on the mid year assessment from this year’s 70% at benchmark to 75% by end of year
    assessments in acadience.
             To achieve: we will hire paraprofessionals (reading aides) to help with small group instruction for students marked as needing additional support from the acadience beginning of year reading.
             Our math goal is to increase percent of student scoring benchmark or grade level from 56% to 59% based on the Rise test math portion.
            To achieve this we will have time dedicated to working on student math paths via iReady mypath

    *Title one question: How can we get the word out to the school community about the importance of applying for free or reduced lunch?
             Filling out the form regardless of qualification or usage
             Can we send out a flyer?
             Deadline to apply is Oct. 1 

        ○ TSSA  ($85,000) 
              Goal to identify students who are in need of mental and emotional support
                   Achieved by hiring full time school counselor
              Goal to update technology and equipment
                   Achieved with new ipad cart, doc cams, and new chromebook lab 

    Grant: SRTS 2022
        ○ Any sidewalks that need to be put in on our routes to school?
               -Are there any pathways in need of sidewalks as part of our safe walking route?
               -We need to establish and map our school safe walk route and put it on the state safe route website: https://saferoutes.utah.gov/school-mapping/
               -Can we apply for safer signage or lights for certain intersections?
    Research and response from Stephanie
               -Can we survey the school about some of these intersections and their concerns?

    Other Items?
    Council members will be sent an email confirming their acceptance of membership on SCC this year.
          All parents can join the meeting as a non-voting participant and must wait for the floor to be opened before giving feedback or concerns.
           Deadline to amend school plan, goals, etc. is in November

    Motion to adjourn meeting by Terra S. 2nd by Rebecca G. motion to adjourn

    Meetings for 2022-2023
    (Third Wednesday of each month @ 3:45 in the Media Center.)
    October 19th, 2022
    November 16th, 2022
    December 14th, 2022 (Second Wednesday. Meeting will only be held if needed.)
    January 18th, 2023
    February 15th, 2023
    March 15th, 2023
    April 19th, 2023
    May 17th, 202

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Trustland Monies

  • Every school receives School LAND Trust Program funding based on the school’s student enrollment. The interest and dividend income from the State Treasurer’s investment of the permanent State School Fund is distributed through a primarily enrollment based formula prescribed in the law. The funds flow through the school district, but districts do not withhold any funds.

    The school district’s business office enters expenditures at the end of each school year. The principal then explains the expenditures in the Final Report. This allows policymakers, administrators, and the public to see where the trust dollars are being spent and what results are being achieved at each school.

    Please check out the following links for information on Trust Land monies and 2018 School Plan.