Community Council

  • Every school has a school community council or a trust lands committee. The membership of a school community council includes the principal, teachers elected by teachers, and a majority of parents elected by parents of students at the school.  The most effective councils and committees are those whose members work collaboratively to develop plans to aid all students in reaching their potential.

    All trustland meetings are open to the public.  They will be held at 3:45pm in the Greenville Media Center(Library). The meeting schedule will be as follows:
    Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11, Jan 8, Feb 12, Mar 11, Apr 8, May 13 & for next year: Sept

    We will follow the Parlimentary Rules of Procedure

Minutes & Agenda (Current Month)

  • October 9, 2019   Minutes

    Attendance: Megan Armstrong, Rebecca Ginos, Sandy Mecham, Troy Pugmire, Nena Copeland, Jaimie Patterson, Danny Greene, Katie Longhurst, Audrey Kandler 


    • Approve Sept. Minutes: Motion to approve minutes by Nena Copeland, 2nd by Jaimie Patterson. Motion to approve minutes approved 
    • Set Next Meeting Date: Nov 13
    • Upcoming training: Oct. 9 at 6:30 pm held at Green Canyon High School
    • Addition of New Council Member: Do we need to hold elections? No, only one submitted their name for the council, Rebecca Ginos.  Motion to add Rebecca Ginos to Community Council by Jaimie Patterson, 2nd by Cam Ammott. Unanimous Vote, approved.

    School Improvement Plan Changes:

    • Additional Information from Mr. Pugmire
    • What are the goal areas we need to address? 
    • What timeline should be set for completing our plan and presenting for approval?

    Process for school plans. It will be late this year because Troy will be creating a committee to write the SIP which will later be presented and voted on by the community council. 

    Title 1 status has more paperwork and more accountability including an audit from state officials. They may interview community council members. They also would like some members of our governing bodies be minority ethnicities. There is more funds allotted to our school though. 

    We may need to educate parents that Title 1 does not mean, ‘struggling school” or “poor school”.

    Reading Goals is based on the SRI assessment. Math Goals is based on math fluency. Neither of these goals qualify for Title 1 funds. 

    Proposal by Troy for K-6th reading goals to be done with the Acadience assessment in order for it to qualify for Title 1 funding and to adjust the Trustlands reading goal to also be determined by Acadience and not SRI. The math to be assessed by the RISE end of year tests for 3-6 grades and the GoMath assessments for K-2 and not Reflex math or other programs. 

    Morning math lessons can be funded for math comprehension for the coming assessments in RISE and GoMath. Improving our technology could also be funded. 

    Reading aides and Tier II programs are already being funded to help the reading results for Acadience/SRI. 

    Can Trustlands now be used to better benefit the whole school population instead of just funding Tier II reading? 

    So we have $11,000 from Trustlands that needs to be reallocated. This is from not being able to use Reflex Math for our math Trustlands goal and Tier II reading program because that is being funded with Title 1 money. 

    Troy is looking to propose using these freed up funds for additional Chromebook labs that will help bring the GoMath online resources to our students which will help achieve our school goals. 

    We need these goals in, revised or otherwise, by the end of the month. Troy would like to write the FINAL this week. This is for the Title 1 goals. 

    Motion by Jaimie to have an additional meeting on October 15th to finalize and vote on these Title 1 goals (May include SIP goals). 2nd by Cam. Motion to hold a meeting on Tuesday, October 15th from 3:45 to 4:45 approved. 

     TSSA Money 

    •  Additional information from Mr. Pugmire

    Greenville School Safety

    • Front Desk Staff Safety 

    Concern was brought up for individuals entering the building and disrupting the school, especially the office area. 

    We are looking to have the front office area secured and enclosed by the latest district bond. 

    • Parking Drop Off and Pick Up
      •  Possibility of changing bus lanes and moving staff parking.

    Troy presented the idea of buses parking along 2500 north and making angled parking lines for the current bus parking on the southwest side. Lines need to be painted in that lot. 

    We also need to purchase traffic cones and create some signs for the parking lots and pick up/ drop off area. 

    We need to address the issues of kids running across the streets at non-crossing areas.

    Will there be problems with getting in and out of that lot during pickup time? Can it just be parking and not for pickup? 

    When would we like to propose and vote? Troy is getting final approval from North Logan. 

    How will we inform parents? 

    We also need to train and enforce proper morning drop off procedures. Troy will undertake this with the morning aides. 

    Motion to approve the proposed adjustment of parking which is to move the buses along 2500 north and to paint parking for the southwest lot and to proceed with this pending final approval of North Logan and weather permitting. 

    District Policies Clarification for Students and Parents

    •  Dress Code
    • School Safety/Emergency Procedures

    Motion to move any other items on the agenda for this meeting to the November meeting by Jaimie, 2nd Nena. Motion passed 

    Motion to adjourn meeting by Jaimie, 2nd Troy. Motion to end meeting approved.


    October 15, 2019: Voting Session 

    Attendance: Jaimie Patterson, Rebecca Ginos, Audrey Kandler, Melanie Armstrong, Sandy Meacham, Cam Amott, Troy Pugmire, Danny Greene (non-voting). 

    Minutes and motions for October’s meeting will be handled in November’s meeting. 

    Voting Items: 

    The School Improvement Plan, goals, Trustlands, and Title 1 information will be attached to these minutes and added to the school’s website. 

    To see the goals, money allocation, results from last year, etc. see the attached documents. 

    Motion to approve the 2018-2019 Trustland report by Jaimie Patterson, 2nd by Cam Amott. Motion to approve 2018-2019 Trustlands report approved by unanimous vote. 

    Math Goal:

    Question on math goal. We used Reflex Math in 2018-2019 to achieve a math fluency goal. We are not able to use Reflex for 2019-2020 so our math goal for Trustlands needed to be revised (as we planned on doing math fluency again with Reflex Math). This also allows us to keep the funds for Reflex Math and still use it for math proficiency help. 

    It is revised to use the Rise math test to look at math proficiency (mastery) and move our school proficiency percent from 61% in 2018-2019 up 2% for this year. 

    Reading Goal: 

    Due to a change in the testing window for the SRI reading assessment, we will be taking results from testing on SRI in April, instead of March as originally written in our Trustlands. Since we have a longer window of time before getting results for this goal we would like to increase our reading proficiency to 8% moving to proficient by end of year from the beginning of year baseline. 

    Motion to approve amendments to this year’s Trustland goals as explained by Troy and summarized in the above minutes by Jaimie Patterson, 2nd by Audrey Kandler. Motion to approve amendments to our 2019-2020 Trustlands approved (unanimous). 

    Motion to adjourn voting meeting by Jaimie Patterson, 2nd Audrey Kandler, Motion to adjourn meeting approved. 

  • Community Council Members 2019-20

    Jaimie Patterson      881-5486
    Vice Chair-

    Daniel Greene    750-7888

    Megan Armstrong   
    Melanie Chambers  
    Audrey Kandler               
    Katie Longhurst
    Jaimie Patterson

    Principal:   750-7888
    Troy Pugmire 
    Teachers:   750-7888 
    Nena Copeland
    Sandy Mecham
    Cam Amott    

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What is GV Community Council?

  • Parents act as the primary advocates for all children. By working as a group and understanding the legal responsibilities that lie with the principal, parents ensure the representation of various viewpoints and values within the community. Parent engagement is key to student achievement and student progress. Parents make up the majority of a school community council, and are often the driving force. Parents will serve as chair and vice-chair or in at least one of the co-chair positions. It is important that parents on the council understand the responsibilities of the council, and are able to collaborate well with the other members of the council to effect meaningful school improvement for all children. Please check out the Parent Checklist to be involved.

    Elections are held annually at a time selected by each school. Contact your principal or the chair of your council if you are interested in serving on the council.

Trustland Monies

  • Every school receives School LAND Trust Program funding based on the school’s student enrollment. The interest and dividend income from the State Treasurer’s investment of the permanent State School Fund is distributed through a primarily enrollment based formula prescribed in the law. The funds flow through the school district, but districts do not withhold any funds.

    The school district’s business office enters expenditures at the end of each school year. The principal then explains the expenditures in the Final Report. This allows policymakers, administrators, and the public to see where the trust dollars are being spent and what results are being achieved at each school.

    Please check out the following links for information on Trust Land monies and 2018 School Plan.