Utah Code 53G-6-part 4, “Open Enrollment Options” enables students to attend a school or school district in which the student does not reside.  The guidelines for students from other Utah school districts to attend Cache School District have been established and comply with the standards of the “Open Enrollment Options” as outlined in Utah Code 53G-6-402.


    To be eligible to enroll, all students must comply with the processes and time frame deadlines listed.


    An application form must be completed and returned to the district office between November 15th and the first Friday in February of the year preceding the school year in which admission is sought.  This early enrollment window will be the primary period during which “Open Enrollment” applications will be considered for the following year.  After the third Friday in February, transfers will be considered for special needs, and acceptance will be based on available space in schools, programs, and grade levels.  An application consists of the completed form, a non-refundable $5.00 processing fee, and a transcript of credits for all middle school and high school applicants.


    Click here for the 2023-24 Open Enrollment Application form.

    Haga clic aquí para el Solicitud Estándar de Inscripción Abierta.


    A hardcopy of the Open Enrollment Application is available at:
    CCSD District Office Building
    84 East 2400 North
    North Logan, Utah 84341


    *Parents seeking to have their student attend a 1st-grade Dual Language Immersion class will NOT fill out an “Open Enrollment” form during the “Open Enrollment” period UNLESS they want an out-of-boundary school not dependent upon being accepted into a Dual Language Immersion classroom.  A lottery process determines which students are selected to participate in a DLI class.  If your child is accepted into a DLI class, you will then need to complete the “Open Enrollment” form and pay the $5.00 fee associated with the “Open Enrollment” process.