Employee Payroll Data/Technology Access Requests

  • Employee Payroll/Technology Access Requests

    •  Enter Payroll/Technology Access Requests in the appropriate form (Administrators/Secretaries only):

      New/Transferring Employee (Employment Beginning AFTER July 1, 2019)
      • Report ALL new employees who have NOT worked for the District in the past year.
      • Receiving schools should complete this form for Transferring employees.


    • Job Change Employee (Employment Beginning AFTER July 1, 2019)
      • Enter employee information for all employees making either a position/payroll change (e.g. aide > teacher, part-time teacher > full-time teacher, aide > secretary, etc.)


      • Report student teachers, interns, long-term subs for certificated teachers, and long-term classified subs needing network accounts. (Long-term defined as being > two weeks.)
      • Payroll data information must be submitted here for classified and/or long-term classified subs.  (Subs for certificated personnel are paid through Kelly Services - payroll data is not required.)


    • Terminated Employee (July 1, 2019 - 2020) DO NOT USE FOR TRANSFERRING EMPLOYEES!!!
    • Terminated Employee (July 1, 2018 - 2019)
      • Enter information for ALL employees leaving employment with Cache School District (termination, leave of absence, and retirement).


    • Employee Name Changes
      • No longer submitted by schools. Network, email, and program name changes occur AFTER employee provides required documents for a name change to the Human Resources Department.

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