• Ridgeline High School in Millville, Utah, opened its doors August 24, 2016, to 1453 students, grades 9 -12.

    Splitting from Mountain Crest High School, students from the boundaries of Millville, Nibley, Providence, River Heights, College, and Young Ward make up the RiverHawk student body.

    Sitting by the Blacksmith Fork River and below a ridge of the Bear River Mountain Range, Ridgeline High School sits in a beautiful setting on 48 acres. Once farming acreage, it has been transformed into a beautiful setting, red brick buildings surrounded by playing fields, and landscaping, making it an additional feature to the town of Millville.

    Since then, Ridgeline began the 2017-2018 school year with a population of 1550 and a projected student population for 2018-2019 over 1600. We are growing!


    Colors: Midnight Blue, Action Green, Silver & White

    Mascot: Riverhawk