College and Career Readiness

  • The Cache High community encourages success, responsibility, life-long learning and service, as a progressive part of the global community.  The Cache High Counseling Program supports academic goals and provides individualized, competency-based, instruction that encourages students to find success while at Cache High, and after graduation.
    Plan for College and Career Readiness (PCCR) meetings are conducted during almost every visit.  Every student meets individually with the counselor at least three times every year.
    Every student completes an application to Bridgerland Applied Technology Center, and/or Utah State University contingent upon the individual PCCR. Each student will also have the opportunity to consider their personal interests and explore career options aligned with these interests. In addition, all students will complete a job application and create a job resume while here. Copies of these applications and forms will be given to them in a folder at graduation.
    Academic and social skill remediation is absolutely necessary at Cache High. Social and guidance skills are taught to groups and individuals on a regular, as needed basis.  They are also embedded in every class as a response to problem behaviors.