Raise the Bar! Sportsmanship Matters


    The Utah High School Activities Association created a statewide sportsmanship program, Raise-the-Bar, to promote the philosophy and mission of education-based activities. Activities are an extension of the school day and provide unique opportunities to enrich the overall educational experience by teaching valuable life lessons and universal values. Building character is the focus. Pulling together with a common purpose we can make extraordinary things happen. Sportsmanship really does matter!  Quoting Executive Director, Rob Cuff, We can promote the development of character and ensure the teaching of positive valuespersonal responsibility, respect, teamwork, honesty, integrity and leadership.Together we can Raise-the-Bar by increasing our collective efforts as member schools to Teach, Enforce, Award and Model appropriate and ethical behavior at all events. Raise-the-Bar includes the following initiatives: “Do Rowdy Right,” “We Will Pledge,” “Raise-the-Bar & Earn-a-Star School Sportsmanship Award,” and the Dare2Lead Student Conference.


    Mission of Education-Based Activities

    Strong scholastic programs combined with quality athletic and performing arts activities work hand-in-hand in developing successful students and productive citizens.

    Winning is secondary to the education and positive development of kids.