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  • MCHS School Song

    words by Janice Keeler

    music by Robert S. Frost

    MCHS School Fight Song

    music & words by Ruth Leishman

    In the view of crested mountains,

    Where the rambling rivers roam,

    Are rolling hills and verdant fields,

    The Mustangs call their home.


    Like the towering peaks around us,

    Lofty standards we hold high,

    Bright hues of orange with white and blue,

    Will pierce the azure sky.



    Oh, Mountain Crest, in song we praise.

    Your shield of courage proudly raise.

    Oh, honored school, you are the best.

    We salute you Mountain Crest.


    In the peaceful land we cherish,

    Freedom’s banner we uphold,

    And raise the shield of courage high

    For champions brave and bold.

    The values gained from knowledge,

    And the friendships born anew,

    Are priceless gems of lasting worth,

    Forever firm and true.



    Oh, Mountain Crest, in song we praise.

    Your shield of courage proudly raise.

    Oh, honored school, you are the best.

    We salute you Mountain Crest.


    We sing all hail to you form Mountain Crest,

    The school that’s climbing to the top.

    We are the Mustangs and we’re rising high,

    Because we know we can’t be stopped.


    We’ve got the teams, we’ve got the spirit,

    The students and the faculty,

    And we are pressing on together

    Toward a goal of victory.


    We’re number 1, we are the best,

    So everybody step aside for Mountain Crest,

    Rah, Rah!


    We’re on our way to fame and glory,

    So let our colors proudly fly.

    Let’s all unite to tell our story.

    All you who hail from Mountain Crest High,



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  • Mountain Crest High School Fight Song

    The 1980's brought a new era to Cache Valley. Students from the south end of the valley were, once again, to have a high school of their own! The excitement about this monumental event was almost palpable.

    The school had a name, Mountain Crest, and the ‘Mustang’ had been chosen as the school mascot. The colors were to be blue, orange and white.  However, there was a need to customize, personalize, and inspire pride in the students and community.

    I reminisced about my experience as a high school student and remembered with fondness the camaraderie of our little student body and the fun times we had together. Woven within these memories one thing seemed to stand out, school songs.

    A contest had been recently announced inviting people to write school and fight songs for Mountain Crest. I had a little experience with song writing and had just completed a children's songbook that had met with some success.

    Deciding to take on the challenge of writing a fight song was much greater that I had imagined. The words had to inspire love and school pride. I also needed to include everyone who would help make the school a success.

    One of the scariest experiences of my life was when I met with Spencer Ward who had been named the new principal of Mountain Crest High School to introduce my song. He received my audition kindly, and I felt encouraged by his response. Then all I could do was wait.

    I cannot describe the surprise and excitement when I was notified that my song had been chosen as the new school fight song! The first time I ever heard it played by the school pep band and sung by the student body, my heart was beating so wildly that I thought those standing near me could surely hear its pounding.

    I later became a teacher at Mountain Crest and every time I attend an activity where the fight song is sung, my heart continues to swell with pride and gratitude.

    This song is my legacy to the students at Mountain Crest High School, and more importantly, my children and grandchildren who have and will attend this great school.

    Based on an account given by Ruth N. Leishman