College and Career Readiness Meetings

  • The goal of our counseling program at Spring Creek Middle School is to help ensure that each student succeeds at a high level academically and socially as he or she transitions into this new phase of life.  Part of the struggle of the middle school years is the quest for identity in relation to academics, future careers, and social competencies.  As part of our 7th grade curriculum, each student is introduced to a variety of social, academic, and career experiences as part of his/her College and Career Awareness course.  All 7th graders participate in the College and Career Awareness course which will help prepare them for their Plan for College and Career Readiness (PCCR0 meetings that occur in 8th grade.


    As the counselors at SCMS, our goal this year is for every 8th grade student to have a Plan for College and Career Readiness meeting with us.  A Plan for College and Career Readiness meeting should be a cooperative effort between the student, parent, and counselor to assist the student in planning for future college and career readiness.  During this 20 minute conference we will be discussing your student’s interests, aptitudes, and tentative career choices.  We will also discuss some of the lessons your student received during his or her career unit.  Material and information will be available to you.

    College and Career Awareness Career Development Applications (CDAs)
    17 career lessons are taught as part of the College & Career Awareness class that all 7th graders in Utah take.  Mr. Eborn, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Nyman, Mrs. Bigelow, Mr. Calverley, and Mr. Winkler each teach the units as part of the class.  You can preview the core standards using the link below.
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