Family/Mental Health Resources

  • Community Family/Mental Health Resources

    *The following information is intended for informational purposes only.  An organization's inclusion in this list does not constitute an endorsement of said organization by Spring Creek Middle School or Cache Country School District.

    Mental Health/Counseling

    Alternative Perspectives 1.435.753.7332

    • Kim Openshaw, PhD, LMFT, LCSW

    Associated Psychotherapists 1.435.723.2881

    • John Christensen, LMFT
    • John Arrington, LMFT
    • Jason Williams, LMFT

    Avalon Hills Residential Eating Disorders Program 1.435.755.0434

    • Chad Speth, APRN

    Bear River Mental Health 1.435.752.0750

    Bear River Clubhouse 1.435.753.2080

    Cache Valley Community Health Center 1.435.755.6061

    • Delores Michael, MS, LAMFT

    Capstone Counseling 1.801.341.0411

    Child and Family Support Center 1.435.752.8880

    Comprehensive Treatment Clinic 1.435.787.2272

    • Todd Freestone, LCSW
    • Matthew Hedelius, Psy.D, LCSW

    LDS Family Services 1.435.752.5302

    LifeSTAR of Northeastern UT Addiction recovery 1.801.903.7329

    • Tyler Patrick, LMFT
    • Brannon Patrick, LCSW

    Logan Regional Behavioral Health Institute1.435.716.5790

    • Brian L. Merrill, D.O. Psychiatrist
    • Jeffrey McCann, M.D. Psychiatrist

    Mt. Logan Clinic 1.435.750.6300

    • Kyle Hancock, PhD.
    • Monique Frazier, PhD.
    • Bruce Johns, PhD.
    • Julie Pelletier, PhD.
    • Stacy Jones, PhD.

    NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) 1.435.787.4165

    Sweetgrass Counseling Service

    • Deborah D. Cupal, PhD, LPC

    The Family Institute of Northern Utah 1.435.752.1976

    USU Clinical Services Center for Persons with Disabilities

    • Martin Toohill, PhD
    • Dr. Dennis Odel
    • George Wootton, NP
    • Dr. Stephen Schneider
    • Jeanie Peck, LCSW

    USU Marriage & Family Therapy Clinic 1.435.797.7430

    USU Psychology Community Clinic 1.435.797.3401

    Marriage and Family Therapy

    Bear River Mental Health 1.435.752.0750

    Cache Valley Medical and Wellness 1.435.755.0434

    • Lisa Fraleigh D.O. 
    Divorce Education for Children 1.435.750.2128

    David Christian Ph.D. 1.435.787.2111

    Lifespan Clinic 1.435.753.0272

    Mount Logan Clinic 1.435.750.6300

    • Julie A Pelletier, Ph.D.

    • Kyle Hancock, Ph.D.
    • Ken Weigand, PsyD, LLC
    Personal Resilience, LLC 1.435.512.8830
    • Merilyn Wright, MS, CMHC
    Private Practice:
    • Kent W. Anderson, PhD1.435.752.7627
    • Tomas E. Atkin Psy.D1.435.792.0355
    • Alex Baird, LMFT 1.435.319.4087
    • Carol Baumann, LCSW1.435.563.1408
    • Tricia Danielson, LMFT1.435.565.4325
    • Lisa Fraleigh, DO1.435.213.3797
    • Pamela King, LMFT1.435.787.4517
    • Shanette Keeler, LCSW1.435.753.6882
    • Alan Spendlove, CMHC1.435.890.5538
    Summit Counseling Services
    • Charles Hinds, MS, LMFT
    • Michael Hinds, MS, LMFT
    • Heather Stephenson, MS
    • Laurel Carter, LMFT
    Touchstone Therapy Center, Inc
    • Ray Deprizio, LCSW, PsyD.
    • Maureen Killila, MS

    USU Marriage & Family Therapy Clinic 1.435.797.7430

    Wellspring Counseling 1.208.852.0566

    • Laurel Carter, LMFT

    Adult & Child Abuse/Neglect

    Child Protective Services (CPS, Reporting) 1-855-323-3237

    Child and Family Support Center (Parenting) 1.435.752.8880

    Division of Child and Family Services 1.435.787.3400

    Cache County Children’s Justice Center 435.753.7017

    Guardian Ad Litem/Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) 435.713.6222

    Child/Youth/Family Services

    Child and Family Support Center 1.435.752.8880

    Child Care Resource & Referral 1.435.797.7552

    Children Justice Center 1.435.753.7017

    Family Information & Resource Center 1.435.755.5171

    Juvenile Justice Services Outreach 1.435.787.3500

    National Runaway Switchboard 1.800.786.2929

    Resilience Counseling Services

    • C.J. Sorenson, LCSW

    Youth and Families with Promise 1.435.797.1543

    Domestic Violence

    Domestic Violence Information Line 1.800.897.LINK (5465)

    Cache County Victim Services 435.755.1860

    Community Abuse Prevention Services (CAPSA) 435.753.2500

    Office of Crime Victim Reparations 1.800.621.7444

    The Family Institute of Northern Utah (Counseling) 1.435.752.1976

    Utah Legal Services 1.800.662.4245

    Victim Information & Notification Everyday (VINE) 1.877.884.8463

    Financial Counseling

    AAA Fair Credit Foundation 1.800.351.4195

    American Credit Foundation 1.800.259.0601

    Bankruptcy Hotline 1.800.662.4245

    Cornerstone Financial Education 1.800.336.1245

    Extension Services, USU 1.435.752.6263

    Family Life Center Housing and Financial Counseling Services 1.435.797.7224

    Food Assistance Programs

    Cache Community Food Pantry 1.435.753.7140

    DROPS/Mobile Food Pantry, Utah Food Bank 2.1.1

    Food Stamps, Utah Department of Workforce Services (DWS) Logan Employment Center 435.792.0300

    WIC (Women, Infants & Children, Bear River Health Department 435.792.6451

    Rape/Sexual Assault

    Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency (CAPSA)

    Rape Crisis Intervention 1.435.753.2500

    Rape/Sexual Assault Crisis Line 1.888.421.1100

    Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault (UCASA) 1.866.878.2272