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    Counseling services are provided in accordance with Utah’s Comprehensive School Counseling Program guidelines and requirements.  All students are welcome to meet with the counselors whenever necessary for school-related or personal problems and students in crisis will be referred to the counseling office.  In addition to responding to individual student needs, counselors will present in the classroom on a variety of topics.  Counselors are also an integral part of the College and Career Readiness program, presenting in those classes and meeting individually with each student to discuss his or her Plan for College and Career Readiness.  Our counselors follow the American School Counselor Association’s (ASCA) Ethical Standards for School Counselors.  All visits with the counselors are confidential except in cases where permission is granted to discuss details with others or as such required by law.  Parents may also contact the counselors with their questions or concerns.



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    Counseling Staff

    Matt Matt Southam, Counselor   M - Z

    Email Mr. Southam  ext. 3165


    Tanza Tupola Tanza Tupola, Counselor   A - I   

    Email Mrs. Tupola ext. 3198


         Stacie Jorgensen J - L

    Email Mrs. Jorgensen      ext. 


                Jilaine Evans, Counselor's Secretary/Registrar 

    Email Mrs. Evans   ext. 3160