School Traffic/Safety Plan

  • Sunrise Elementary School Traffic/Safety Plan

    In compliance with the school Zone Safety Act passed by the Utah State Legislature, Sunrise Elementary School has an active Safety Committee. This Committee developed the following Sunrise Traffic/Safety Plan for our attendance area. The plan is reviewed annually by the Sunrise Community Council and Changes made as necessary.

    Routing Plan

    To find safe walking and biking routes please go to Snap for Schools.  Parents are asked to use the map to determine a safe walking route for their children to follow and to walk the determined route before school starts.

    Please make your children aware of the following safety concerns they may encounter:

    • Unfenced canal on 300 South
    • Areas where there are no sidewalks
    • Large trees or shrubs that block the view of both motor vehicles and pedestrians.
    • Traffic congestion around the school

     Loading and Unloading Areas

    These instructions have been prepare for you to keep in your car as a reminder of the guidelines for vehicle traffic flow at school. This document is for guidance and is not intended as a substitute for good judgment if a situation arises not covered by the guidelines. We know that the safety of each child is everyone’s primary concern. Your cooperation with these guidelines, especially during short periods of congestion in the mornings and afternoons, will be greatly appreciated, particularly by the driver in line before or after you.

    Please enter and exit north drop-off/pick-up area according to this link. South drop off map link. No left turn into the loading area or parking area.

    Use only the drop-off/pick-up lane (the lane closest to the school building) to load/unload children. Children must wait on the sidewalk until the vehicle is stopped and safely ready to load.

    Please stay in your vehicle while your children load/unload on the passenger side.

    Please do not double park as it creates a safety hazard.

    Kindergarten drop-off and pick-up will use the circle drive.

    Please do not back up your vehicle during drop-off or pick-up. Leave plenty of room between vehicles for forward movement only.

    Students who are dropped off on the east side of 455 must use the crosswalk to cross the street.

    For the safety of our children, DO NOT do U-turns on 455 east in front of school.

    Please regularly review your pick-up plans with your children.

    Please share this plan with grandparents or others who occasionally drop-off/pick-up your child.

    Please be cautious, patient, and courteous during drop-off and pick-up.


    Safe walking route rules:

    • Students should walk on sidewalks when available
    • When sidewalks are not available, use the shoulder of the road
    • Students should use caution whenever crossing streets
    • Always obey the instructions of the crossing guard

    Parents are invited to walk to school with their children and be familiar with the safest walking/biking route