•  Attendance

    I am expected to be in school every day except for the following reasons: my personal illness, death in my immediate family, quarantine. and exceptionally urgent reasons that affect me. I recognize that if I know in advance I will be absent; it is my or my parent’s responsibility to notify my teacher at least two days prior to my departure. This allows time for my teacher to prepare my homework and assignments. If I am absent from school for an extended illness, my parents will notify the school so that arrangements can be made for homebound services.

    I recognize that Sunrise teachers will record daily attendance and that my parents must notify the school of my absence so the office can mark the correct attendance code. I know that I must be in my classroom by 9:05 when the tardy bell rings.

    If my parent/guardian requests an early dismissal for urgent personal reasons, they must sign me out at the office. For safety reasons, I will not be released to other adults without permission from my parents/legal guardian. This will help make my school the safest possible environment for me.