School-Parent-Student Learning Compact

  • School-Parent-Student Learning Compact

    At Park Elementary School it is our goal to ensure that every child meets grade standards.  This will require the best efforts of each of us as we work together as a team.  We will provide students the opportunity to learn in a supportive, drug, and violence-free environment.  We are committed to challenging and motivating each child.

    Teacher I will:

    • Assure that I am highly qualified to teach.
    • Provide quality and challenging curriculum and materials based on Utah State Standards.
    • Monitor students progress regularly, keep parents informed, and provide guidance for homework support.
    • Inform parents of how and when to contact me
    • Offer special assistance to accommodate individuals learning needs.
    • Report CRT, its (3rd and 5th) and fall, winter, spring DIBELS data to parents.

    Parent I will:

    • Read to/with child at least 20 minutes daily.
    • See that my child completes and return daily homework.
    • Provide a motivating, fun, literature-rich, non-threatening home environment.
    • Support school rules and policy.
    • Attend SEP conferences and other meetings/training to support my child.
    • Assure that my child attends and arrives at school at the appropriate time.

    Student I will:

    • Read to/with someone at home at least 20 minutes daily.
    • Complete and return daily homework.
    • Maintain home-school communication connection.
    • Accept responsibility for myself by following classroom and school rules.
    • Give myself credit for work well done.