SCC Upcoming Meeting Agenda

  • Community Council Meeting Minutes
    September 9, 2020 3:00 pm
    Nibley Elementary School

    Parents: Wendy Droge, Gwen Brown, Naomi Clark, Sam Rasmussen
    School Personnel: Dee Ashcroft, Melissa Houser, Taylor Stephenson
    Absent: Danny Beus
    Meeting started at 3:10
    1- Welcome/ Introductions
    Welcomed and introduced each member
    Collected all member’s phone and email
    2- Discussion on Positions
    We have filled the required vacant seats that were open
    a. One year / two year
    Dee Ashcroft motioned that Gwen Brown and Danny Beus will be serving for 1 year
    (2020-2021) and Wendy Droge, Sam Rasmussen, and Naomi Clark will serve for 2
    years (2020-2022):
    Second the motion:Melissa Houser
    a. Chair: Motion to nominate Danny Beus to be chair: Dee Ashcroft, 2nd the motion:
    Melissa Houser, Unanimous approval
    b. Vice Chair
    Motion to nominate Wendy Droge to be vice Chair: Dee Ashcroft, 2nd the motion: Gwen
    Brown, Unanimous approval
    c. Secretary
    Motion to nominate Gwen Brown for Secretary: Dee Ashcroft, 2nd the motion: Melissa
    Houser, Unanimous approval
    4-Rules of order
    Reviewed the Rules of Order
    Motion to except the rules of Order: Dee AshCroft
    2nd the motion: Wendy Droge
    Unanimous approval
    5-Meeting Dates and Times
    Decision was made to meet the 2nd Monday of every month at 3:00 pm at Nibley
    Elementary School

    a. Trustland Plan/ School Improvement Plan

    We are required to spend trustland money on our goals. We currently have a reading
    goal, math goal, and Leader in Me program that is implemented to enhance the math
    and reading goals.
    b. Digital Citizenship/ Safety
    Discussion on what the Netsmart and Go Guardian protection programs are that the
    school is currently using. This year we will not have assemblies to discuss internet safety
    with the students. We are looking into different options for this year.
    c. Safety
    We looked over our SNAP plan: it needs to be updated and sent out to all parents so
    they are aware of the safest route home.
    7- Trustland Plan
    a. Goals
    b. Amend (essentials)
    c. Proposal $6100 (voice enhancement)
    Dee Ashcroft motioned to amend our trustland plan and delete goal #3 for this year and move
    the $6100 allocated to Leader in Me to our reading goal for voice enhancement systems.
    2nd the motion: Sam Rasmussen
    Discussion: Teachers can still use the Leader in Me program in their classrooms. We will put
    the program on the back burner for this year so that the teachers can focus on the essentials
    due to the new regulations associated with the pandemic.
    The $6100 was used to access the Leader in me Website, teacher trainings, supplies, updates
    and support.
    A question was raised if there was a reinstatement fee for next year and school personnel will
    find out.
    Unanimous approval
    Next Meeting will be Oct 12th 3:00 pm at Nibley Elementary