Title I Information

  • Title I is a federally funded reading program (Official Title now College and Career Ready)

    Our school qualifies for Title I funding by our free/reduced lunch counts. If you think you may qualify please take the time to fill out the paperwork to take advantage of this program.

    Our school has a Parent Policy regarding Title I as well as a Title I Plan.  All are available in the office.  These are ratified by our School Community Council yearly.

    Tiered instructional design is in place at our school.  You will always see students working in groups during this time because instruction in explicit and geared towards student needs.  Placement of students is determined by scores on DIBELS, CRT, teacher, and parent input.

    For more information visit the District website (www.ccsdut.org).  In the “Department” section there is a Title I link.  It has lots of good information for parents.

    Each fall our school designs a yearly plan.  The plan is available for parents to view. If you have concerns or questions please call the principal or literacy facilitator.

    The main thing to remember is the importance of every parent and to be involved with the education of your children.


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