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    Migrant Education Logo Do you quality for the Migrant Education Program?

    • Do you work in agriculture?
    • Have you moved in the past three years?
    • Do you want free extra benefits to help your children in school?

    You should see if you qualify for the Migrant Education Program!

    The Migrant Education Program is a federal program that provides students of migratory workers with extra educational benefits that will assist in minimizing the impact of family moves made in order to find work.

    As a qualified member of the Migrant Education Program, your children will receive:
    • Free school lunch
    • Free help with homework
    • Free translation services
    • Free summer school
    • Free extra educational benefits
    If you think that you may qualify, call:

    • Melinda LaMont at 435-792-2774
    If you believe that you may qualify please call with confidence.  We do not share the information that we receive with any other organization or entity.  We will only use the information with which you provide us for educational purposes.