Trustlands Plan

  • How Much Money is Allocated to Canyon?

    Each year Canyon has received an increased allotment of funds from the Trust as it has been managed very well and a change in laws a few years ago allowed schools to have some additional dollars released for their use.  Canyon receives around $65,000 each year to spend on programs, training, aides, technology, books, software and supplies. 


    We encourage you to join us!

    Parents are encouraged to join us on the council as we rotate through new members.  Members typically serve a two year term or sometimes have to move on if their children are no longer students at Canyon.  When this happens, we hold an election in October.  During September we will let families know there is an opening and encourage anyone who would like to participate to let the office know they would like to be on the voting ballot.  We always vote during Parent Teacher Conferences as this is a good time for families to all have access to the voting process.  Please visit the office if you have more questions about participating on the council.  This council makes significant decisions about how the School Land Trust monies are spent at Canyon as well as are a voice for all of our Canyon families to submit ideas and concerns.  It is a great place to participate in shaping the culture and programs at Canyon and we encourage anyone who is interested to let us know so we can help you participate.