Sept. 30, 2015

  • Canyon Elementary

    School Community Council Agenda

    Wednesday, Sept 30, 2015


    School Community Council Attendance


    ?   T          Stacie Williamson, Principal

    ?   P          Alyssa Hertzler, Co-Chair

    ?   T          Linda Bergsjo, Co-Chair, 2nd/3rd Grade Rep.

    ?   P                      , Vice-Chair 

    ?   P          Tiffany Farnsworth, Secretary

    ?   T          Kristen Smith, K/1st Grade Rep

    ?   T          Katie McBride, Specialists Rep.

    ?   P          Megan Woolstenhulme, PTA Rep.

    ?   P          Vanessa Borges

    ?   P          Wendi Taylor

    ?   P          Wendy Bowers           

    ?   P          Jenifer Morgan

    ?   T          Michael Torrey  4th/5th Grade   Leader in Me Liaison



    1.  Welcome


    2.  Review Minutes from September


    3.  Stacie will present more specific ideas/costs for 2016­17 Trustlands monies


    4.  Show the group the Gateway website and how to see SAGE score data


    5.  Parent pick up and drop off issues: i.e. students loading and unloading from the street; crossing between cars in the drop off zone from the parking lot; double parking/children on the island, rude/threatening exchanges from parents, etc.

    6.  Classroom Bathroom Procedures

    7.   Next Meeting Scheduled for October 2, 2015 in the Conference room.