April 8, 2016

  • Canyon Elementary

    School Community Council Minutes

    Friday, April 8, 2016

    In Attendance:  Stacie Williamson (Principal), Alyssa Hertzler (P Co-Chair), Linda Bergsjo (T, Co-chair) Tiffany Farnsworth (P Secretary), Michael Torrey(T), Wendy Bowers (P), Amy Maughan (P), Megan Woolstenhulme (PTA), Wendy Bowers (P), Amy Maughn(P)

    Excused:  Staci Loveland (P), Vanessa Borges (P), Kristen Smith (T)


    1.  Welcome              


    2.  Review Minutes from March.

    Wendy Bowers motioned to accept with Stacie Williamson seconding, with unanimous vote to accept.

    3.  Reflex:

    4.  School Improvement Plan (board will approve it May 2) see link on school website for documents

    Trustland Plan is connected to our school improvement plan:

    Money: Approximate amount $41,000

    Reading Counts:  $3,000

    Leader in Me:  $5,000

    Computers for teachers:  $6,000

    Chromebooks:  $15,000 for 40

    Library books:  $3,000

    More ipads to fill up the current carts to make bigger sets:  $4,200

    Projector/smartboards/short throws:  $5,000

    Professional Development:  $3,000

    Reflex Math: 3,500

    Any additional will be used for

    5.  Homework questions from parents:  Teachers are having discussions about the purpose of homework and how much is needed and why is it being sent home. Please judge your child and what really needs to be done.

    Parents/students that are having problems with homework need to talk to the teacher and then to Mrs. Williamson. 

    6.  Next Year Transition Questions:  Lincoln will be a full duel program with-in the next two years, Millville will most likely be the sister school.

    We will have two full time ESL teachers ( portables with 4 full classrooms), district owned not rental.

    7.  Other: 


    8.  Next Meeting Scheduled for May 6, 2016 3:30 pm and/or April 8, 2016 at 2:30 pm in the Conference room.