February 10, 2016

  • Canyon Elementary

    School Community Council Minutes

    Wednesday, February 10, 2016



    In Attendance:  Stacie Williamson (Principal), Alyssa Hertzler (P Co-Chair), Linda Bergsjo (T, Co-chair) Tiffany Farnsworth (P Secretary), Michael Torrey(T), Wendy Bowers (P), Vanessa Borges (P), Amy Maughan (P), Megan Woolstenhulme (PTA), Wendy Bowers (P) Stacie Loveland(P), Amy Maughn(P)

    Excused:  Kristen Smith (T), Staci Loveland (P)


    1.  Welcome              


    2.  Review Minutes from February.

    Linda Bergsjo motioned to accept with Alyssa Hertzler seconding, with unanimous vote to accept.

    3.  Present the Four-Tenants of what a “real” PLC looks like-Solution Tree Info.  Canyon Elementary sent a group of teachers to be trained on this during the fall.  All the teachers will be trained on this information at their Professional Development on Friday.

    Teachers:  Are you focused on teaching or learning?  This changes what happens in the classroom.  When a teacher is focused on learning the classroom is shaped to make sure students are learning and understanding what is taught.  Vision statement:  What is Canyon going to look like in the next 3-5 years, so that goals can be set.  What are the norms?  Why are they important?  We have an on going team, what do we expect from each other?  For SCC:  Attendance, positive, respect, value opinions, open forum, comfortable, be a representative, listen attentively, report back, getting along, build relationships, learn something new, what we are working toward is one-making Canyon a better place, value time.  These are important to keep the team working in a positive way. 

    PLC:  Professional Learning Community- Beyond Collaboration:  use formative data, generate interventions.  Tight loose then tight.  Grades, Assignments, Homework:  why do you keep grades?  Daily, Schoolwide Intervention:  A set time per grade level for Interventions.  Win, Win time ½ hour once a day.  There is never new core material, it is always review time.  Pride can inhibit this from working.  This is the direction we’d like Canyon to go as a whole school.

    4.  Next Year Transition Questions:  Summer school this year will be different:  8:30-12:30 for four weeks, right after school gets out.  School next year starts on a Wednesday.  We will get a different set of portables, ESL will be in the portables.

    5.  Other:  Sidewalk through the grass:  we would need money…


    6.  Next Meeting Scheduled for March 4, 2016 in the Conference room.