Nov. 6, 2015

  • Canyon Elementary

    School Community Council Minutes

    Friday, November 6, 2015



    In Attendance:  Stacie Williamson (Principal), Alyssa Hertzler (P Co-Chair), Linda Bergsjo (T, Co-chair) Tiffany Farnsworth (P Secretary), Michael Torrey(T), Wendy Bowers (P), Kristen Smith (T), Vanessa Borges (P), Amy Maughan (P), Staci Loveland (P), Megan Woolstenhulme (PTA), Wendy Bowers (P)

    Excused:  Stacie Loveland(P), Amy Maughn(P)


    1.  Welcome              


    2.  Review Minutes from October.

    Vanessa Borges motioned to accept with Wendy Bowers seconding, with unanimous vote to accept.

    3.  Welcome to new SCC Members:  Tabled for next month


    4.  Elect a Vice Chair:  Tabled for next month


    5.  Linda, Stacie and Alyssa share what they learned at the SCC training at Spring Creek.

    We need to post SCC minutes within the building, Tiffany will send them to Staci she. Will get the minutes translated into Spanish and then post them on the bulletin board.  We should be surveying the parents and staff to see what the needs are, setting a goal and then fund our money to help those needs.  In one of the first meetings we need to adopt Robert’s Rule of Order officially.  When voting parents in it can be done in the spring or fall, but it needs to be consistent for four years.

    This website needs to be on our school website:

    Video has been made into a flyer.  Reporting has been reduced, the database needs to be filled out in the spring. 

    Anything in italics on the website show the new changes.  Digital Citizenship is the responsible and safe way to interact with the internet.  If students are using technology they need to be trained.  Parents need to be given support on what to do to help them with using the internet safety.  Digit pilot is available:  be part of the group in helping with resources of internet safety.

    We need to be sure we are working to keep our Trustland money!!!  The money that is released is the dividends.


    6.  Time Permitting:  Watch the Trustland’s DVD:  Tabled to next month

    7.  Digital Citizenship:  See attached sheet

                Taught at the school:  is to quickly turn off the monitor and then tell the teacher.  Student google accounts are to be used only within the school/district use. 

    In homes that students don’t have internet access to complete projects they are encouraged to join afterschool club or go to the Hyrum Library.

    White Ribbon Week:  provide free guides to hold White Ribbon Week at schools.  Canyon plans to do this during the week of Netsmart Training (internet safety)


    8.  Next Year Transition Questions:  Secondary Teachers have been placed for next year. 

    Canyon will get 3 sixth grade teachers next year.  Orchestra next year:  Mountain West will be involved and Middle School teachers will probably also be involved.  Schools will be partnered together, it will be available before school.  The empty third grade classroom needs a smartboard and a whiteboard.  Because of the transition the summer program will last four weeks and will start the week after school starts.  We should know which teachers will be coming by the end of December.


    Discussion on boundary issues and school size.  Council discussed sending letter to school board to get boundary discussion happen NOW.


    9:  Other:  Arrows and Crosswalk painted, along with line for pulling up


    10.  Next Meeting Scheduled for November 6, 2015 in the Conference room.

    Wendy Bowers motions to adjourn, Vanessa Borges seconded the motion, with a unanimous vote to accept.