Sept. 4, 2015

  • Canyon Elementary

    School Community Council Minutes

    Friday, September 4, 2015

    In Attendance:  Stacie Williamson (Principal), Alyssa Hertzler (P Co-Chair), Jocelyn Murdock (T Co-Chair), Tiffany Farnsworth (P Secretary), Michael Torrey(T), Linda Bergsjo (T), Katie McBride (T), Jenifer Morgan (P), Marci Bingham (P), Wendy Bowers (P), Kristen Smith (T), Vanessa Borges (P), Jason Curtis(T)

    Excused:  Megan Woolstenhulme(P), Wendi Taylor(P)


    1.  Welcome              

    2.  Review Minutes from May.

    Vanessa motioned to accept with Linda Bergso seconding, with unanimous vote to accept.

    3.  Introductions of all council members.

                Mr. Torrey:  leader in me liaison-parent nights will be beginning again

    4.  New members from the staff:  Kristen Smith:  kindergarten/1st grade representative

    5.  This year’s SCC members

                            Teacher co-chair Vanessa Borges nominates Linda Bergsjo, Alyssa Hertzler

                            Seconded, with unanimous vote to accept.

                            Vice Chair


    6.  Elections to fill four parent positions will be held October 7, 8, 9 during SEP

                            Vanessa Borges and Tiffany Farnsworth plan to rerun.

                            A note will go home by September 25 requesting parents to run.

    7.  SCC Training:  October 21 from 6-8p.m. at Spring Creek Middle School (any items we want addressed?)

    8.  Trustland fund:  proposals/ideas for use of extra funds

    a.  Google chrome booklab:  40  (One of the ways to use these books will be for Reading and Math programs for enrichment and interventions.

    The plan is to be prepared with resources for 6th grade classrooms next year.)

    b.  Last year’s purchase of 15 iPads will be transferred with chrome books.

                       c.  Reading Counts

                       d.  Library –need a good amount for books, especially for 6th grade curriculum

                       e.  Leader in Me fee

    6.  Next Meeting Scheduled for October 2, 2015 in the Conference room.

    Stacie motions to adjourn, Katie seconded the motion, with a unanimous vote to accept.