Online Education FAQ

Online Coursework Frequently asked questions

Is your student highly motivated, focused, and self-disciplined? Does your student always complete assignments on time, or even early; without prompting by you? Does your student want to move at their own pace?  Does your student need additional flexibility in their schedule in order for them to meet their academic goals? A new statewide online education program was created by Utah legislation. Students in grades 9-12 have the opportunity to enroll in up to two credits of online course work in place of their regularly scheduled class. High school courses are available through enrollment with Statewide Online Education Program (SOEP).

Is online coursework right for my student?
    Taking a course in an online format requires students to be highly self-motivated, persistent, and organized. While the teachers are there to teach and support students in their learning; in an online course, staying focused on task completion, staying organized, and managing time become the responsibility of the student.  Given that students are taking these courses in lieu of their normal courses during the school day, careful consideration should be given to make sure that your student stays on track for graduation and does not fall behind.

How many online courses can a student take?
    Up to four credits from online education providers may be taken during the 2014-2015 school year.  Online credits combined with traditional class credits may not exceed a regular school course load.

What does an online course cost?
    Online courses filling a regular school credit load are no cost to the student. Each course credit provided by Public Education Online, results in a loss of state funding from your school district’s budget

Who supplies the computer and network access for the online course?

    Parents of students enrolled through Public Education Online have the responsibility for student supervision when students are not attending traditional classes during the regular school day.   Students are given released time from their traditional school for the designated class periods and must complete the online courses at self-determined off-campus locations.
How long does the student have to complete the online course?
    In order to stay on track with graduation requirements, students should work toward course completion within the standard time frame of 1 term or 2 terms as is appropriate with the standard course length. Students are expected to complete courses in a timely manner consistent with school awards and honors, Utah High School Association participation, and high school graduation 
Students enrolled through Statewide Online Education Program are expected to complete the course during the period of the term.

What happens if a student fails an online course?
    Loss of credit may jeopardize graduation and recovery of credit may be required. The cost of credit recovery that occurs outside of the regular class schedule will become the responsibility of the student.

How might online course credits impact a student's transcript?
    Online course grades and credits as well as failed and incomplete courses will be included on a student’s transcript.

What Online Education courses are available to students?
Course catalogs through Public Education Online can be found at the USOE website

What Steps do I need to complete to enroll in online courses?
   You should discuss with your school counselor your interest in taking an online course and how this course will fit into your Student Education and Occupation Plan (SEOP). If you plan to take online courses, either your school counselor or an online provider can fill out a Course Credit Acknowledgement (CCA) and send it to the Utah State Office of Education (USOE). The USOE will process the CCA, and the online course provider will contact you to assist you in enrolling. Both you and your parent(s) or guardian(s) must sign the CCA for it to be valid. Because your parent(s) or guardian(s) will be required to approve your enrollment in an online course, you should plan on having them with you when a CCA is filed.

Can I enroll in courses through Public Education Online to graduate early?
    Students may not enroll in online courses that would cause them to exceed normal course credit hours unless their SEOP plans for early graduation.  The student must intend to complete high school graduation requirements and exit high school early in accordance with their education/occupation plan SEOP.

Can I enroll in online classes and remain eligible for athletics?
    Check with your counselor to see if the online course is NCAA approved.  Enrolling in non-approved courses could jeopardize participation.

Do students have to have parent approval to participate in online coursework?
    Yes. A parent or guardian will be required to approve enrollment in an online course.

Can students still take courses from the Utah Electronic High School?
    Yes.  Students can take quarter credit classes from EHS for credit recovery, original credit and credit acceleration.  This means students can take more than a regular school course load at no cost to the student or the school budget.