Write about Stocks

  • There is a national contest where students can write about what they have learned playing the Stock Market Game.  The winner gets a trip to New York City!

    If you are interested in this writing contest, please let Mrs. Gomm know.  This is the question you have to write about:


    Journalists, reporters and internet bloggers write about many different things. Business reporters often write stories about events that affect the performance of a stock or bond. The event might have a positive or a negative influence, and might cause minor or major changes in a company and the price of its stock or bond. 

    Stocks are shares in a company. The price of the stock can be affected by many things that happen in the company or outside of the company. For example, a company could hire a popular new CEO, be involved in a merger or takeover, invent a great new product, or have a lawsuit filed against them. The company could also have an increase in profit and the Board of Directors may choose to pay a higher dividend to stockholders. Or there could be a natural disaster that affects the company.

    Bonds have a fixed interest rate that provides steady income to an investor. However, the price to buy a bond fluctuates depending upon interest rates in the economy. When interest rates rise, bond prices fall, and when interest rates decline, bond prices rise. In your research you may find other risks for bonds, such as inflation.


    Imagine you are a business reporter or you have a popular blog site on the internet. Choose a newspaper or magazine you would like to work for and explain your choice; or discuss what your blog site would be about and why people would follow your blog.

    For this essay you will write a news article to announce a news-breaking event that will influence a company’s stock or bond, or both. The event can be real world or it can be a fictional event you create. 

    Pick a real world, publicly traded company and in your own words write about the product(s) or service(s) the company provides. The company may be from your Stock Market Game portfolio or you can choose one that is not in your portfolio.  Be sure to explain why you chose that company.

    Describe the event and use magazines, newspaper articles and the internet to research information that will help you determine and write about the impact of the event. You might even interview an expert. Provide the sources of your research and cite specific examples that helped you write your article.

    Also include whether the event would have a positive or negative impact on the company and why. Explain why you think the outcome will be short-term or long-term and why.

    Include in your essay something you learned in the Stock Market Game that helped you write your article. 

    Writing Requirements:

    • Each student may submit only one entry with a maximum of 850 words (400 words minimum).
    • The title chosen by the student (excluding the author's name) must appear at the top of the first page of the text. If references are cited, include them following the last page of the text. (Please note: only the body of the essay will be included in the word count, the title and the works cited will not count against the 1000 word limit.)
    • The format for references or works cited can be chosen by the teacher.
    • Identification of the student or teacher in the essay will result in disqualification.
    • All essays must be submitted in plain text; no charts, graphs or symbols will be accepted.
    • Each entry must be an original work, representing the student's own research, thinking, and writing.