Build a Bridge

  • Project - Build a Bridge 

    You will be given 150 popsicle sticks and glue for you to build a two-level weight bearing bridge. We will load the bridge with weight and see how much it holds. There are many ways to build bridges, both real bridges and popsicle stick bridges. 

    Do some research, be creative, and remember - triangles are strong. A triangle spreads out weight and is much more stable than a simple rectangle or square support. Be sure to incorporate lots of triangles into your bridge design. More popsicle sticks doesn't necessarily mean a stronger bridge. In fact, according to the internet, "If there is a single most important shape in engineering, it is the triangle. Unlike a rectangle, a triangle cannot be deformed without changing the length of one of its sides or breaking one of its joints. In fact, one of the simplest ways to strengthen a rectangle is to add supports that form triangles at the rectangle's corners or across its diagonal length. A single support between two diagonal corners greatly strengthens a rectangle by turning it into two triangles." Click here for more information 

    (The above information was found at: Go there for more information.)  

    Here are some other sites that explain how to build bridges out of popsicle sticks:


    You will have one day to sketch a blueprint of your bridge and three days to build your bridge. Each bridge must be:
    • made entirely of popsicle sticks and white glue. No other materials are allowed.
    • be more than 40 cm long (so it will cross the gap)
    • be less than 50 cm long (so it will fit in your locker)
    • be at least 5 cm wide
    • be at least 7 cm tall (so it really has two levels)
    • use no more than 150 popsicle sticks
    • have a hole in the middle (top and bottom) that is at least 2 cm in diameter so that the testing bar can be inserted
    • have a "floor" (where cars would drive) and a "top," both of which must be mostly solid (no more than a Popsicle stick width gap on the top and a half a Popsicle stick width gap on the bottom).
    The weight will be placed on the top and will rest along whatever is on top. The last website shown has a picture of how the weight will be placed. If you have questions, please ask!