Demo Web Page

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    Paragraphs of text go here. The client program will reformat the paragraphs to fit the window and font sizes that it uses. Notice that the heading tag automatically starts a new paragraph below it. You indicate the separation of new paragraphs with a paragraph tag like this:

    You can also separate text with a "horizontal rule" using the ruler notation like this:

    The line break tag just causes a new line to be started
    like this.

    Using Links In Your Document

    You can also cause text to be highlighted to indicate a link to another web page. For instance, the following link to Willow Valley’s home page: Willow Valley

    You can make a list of things like this:

    • apples
    • oranges
    • peaches
    • pears

    Or a numerical list of the same items:

    1. apples
    2. oranges
    3. peaches
    4. pears
    You can include pictures in your page,
    but they have to be saved in your folder first. I saved this picture from the web by going to the page and right clicking on the picture of my choice. I then selected SAVE PICTURE AS to save the picture to my folder where my HTML file was saved.
    I can also take a picture and link it to a web site: (Click on the Mickey below and see what I mean...)


    Remember, none of the bracketed text shows up on the client screen. That's all of the text in the body of this example file.