PowerPoint Presentation Assignment

  • Your assignment is to create a PowerPoint presentation about you that includes at least five slides.  There are a few basic instructions on what is required in the presentation.  You may add more to the presentation than what is required to make the presentation more interesting.  Backgrounds, charts, more slides, animations or any other PowerPoint function may be added.

    The minimum requirements for the presentation are:
    • It must be at least five slides
    • The first slide must include your name be a title slide layout
    • The second slide must be about your favorite things
    • The third slide must be about your hobbies
    • The fourth slide must be about “what I want to be when I grow up”
    • And the fifth slide is a slide of your choice
    You will need to have a digital picture of you included in your presentation.  It can be a current picture, one when you were young, or one with friends or family.  It can be one taken with a digital camera or a printed one that is scanned and saved to your student directory.

    The presentation must have:
    • Animations
    • Transitions
    • Clipart or a graphic
    • Picture of yourself
    • The presentation will be presented to other members of the class

    You will not get the whole presentation done in one day, so you will need to save it.  To do this follow these instructions:
    1. Click on FILE
    2. Click on SAVE AS
    3. Under SAVE IN, look for your network folder.  If you do not save it on the folder, the presentation will not be here tomorrow.
    4. Name the file: All About Me
    5. Click on Save

    From now on, when you save all you have to do is go to File, Save, OK.