Design a House

  • For this assignment you will need to design a house plan with the help of an internet site called

    Remember to have an open floor plan that makes sense. Your house should be no bigger than 5000 sq. feet. 

    To create an account for click where it says "create an account."  We are going to enter a fake email address consisting of your first name, followed by your last name, and ending with  For the password, enter your first name so you can easily remember your password.   

    Design a one floor house with all of the following: 
    •Kitchen (with tile floor, appliances, cabinets and pantry) 
    •Living Room (carpet in this room) 
    •Foyer (this is like an entry room) 
    •Formal Dining Room (wood floor) 
    •Home Theater 
    •Exercise Room 
    •Home Office 
    •Full Bathroom
    •Half Bathroom 
    • Laundry Room
    •Storage Room (may have more than one) 
    •Master Bedroom (walk in closet) 
    •Master Bathroom 
    •Bedroom 1 (with closet)
    •Bedroom 2 (with closet)
    •Attractive Landscaping 

    (Be sure to label each room so I can tell what it is.)

    Design the house in this order: 
    •Walls and Rooms 
    •Flooring (do as you define the rooms)
    •Windows and Doors 
    •Furniture and Appliances 

    When you are finished, print your house plan and put it in the basket.