Candy Counts Spreadsheet Assignment

  • You have a new job; you have been hired by the Candy Connection Candy Company to work in the Quality Control Department. As you enter the building, you are shown to your new office on the 5th floor, and the president, Ms. Miller comes down to meet you, give you your first assignment, and introduce you to other members of the quality control team. After Ms. Miller Leaves, you sit down at your computer, as do the other members of your team, to work on the problem assigned to the team.


    Nan Morgan, a loyal but curious customer has written to Candy Connection because she discovered in her bag of candy that there were fewer pink candies than any other color, and pink is her favorite color.

    The Candy Connection produces the same amount of each color. All the candy is dumped into a high-speed hopper; which in turn, drops the candy into the rolls.

    Your job is to find out why there are variations in the number of each color, how much variation, and recommend what to do about it. You will now need to start to solve the problem. In order to do this you will need a candy count sheet and a package of candy. Come and see your teacher if you have not been given these materials yet. 










    (Your Name)







































    1.  Create a Count Sheet similar to the one above.            

    2.  Open your package of candy, count the number of each color of candy in your package and record it onto your Count Sheet.

    3.  Survey 3 students to see how many of each color candy they received. Write the names of each person you survey on the Candy Count Sheet and record the number of each color they received.

    4.  Now, Start Excel and create a spreadsheet similar to the chart above.

    5.   Make sure and use a formula to calculate your totals. DON’T count them by hand.

    6.   When you have created the spreadsheet, insert a chart into the spreadsheet that is appropriate for the data. A PIE CHART would NOT be good for Data like this, so try to find a chart that looks good and that you can easily explain.

    7.  Print the spreadsheet data by going to the WINDOWS menu and selecting Print.

    8.   I need to verify that you used formulas and did not just add them in your head. Return to your spreadsheet and hold the CTRL key while pressing the ~ key, which is right above the TAB key. Now print your spreadsheet again. It might print on more than one sheet which is just fine. Be sure to staple all of the sheets together before handing this assignment in.

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